Windsor, California

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Windsor Town Green
Windsor Town Green
Foothill Regional Park
Foothill Regional Park
Riverfront Regional Park
Riverfront Regional Park

Nothing Like a Good Well To Bring People Together

The Best Thing About Windsor?


Windsor offers the stunning beauty of the wine country but with fewer tourists and a more relaxed vibe than the wine country cities of Napa or Sonoma. The town is most notable for its utterly charming Old Downtown which is filled with excellent restaurants, cafes and local boutiques that surround the Windsor Town Green public park - where year-round music, farmers’ markets and festivals are held. It also has plenty of local breweries and vineyards where locals and visitors hang together. You also get a wonderful farm-to-table foodie scene owning to the region’s rich agricultural output.

The Worst Thing About Windsor?


We could put costs down for virtually any northern California city but it’s worth noting for Windsor since you’re getting pretty far north of the tech scene for the prices for homes to be ~$850k. Windsor is less of a second home city for the wealthy, like Healdsburg or Guerneville, so the locals tend to be genuine locals and that housing price can be a tough pill to swallow. Cost of living in general is also pricey in the area but given you’re likely considering among different Marin or Sonoma county cities this will likely be no shock.

Lifestyle of Windsor

The Town Green, in the center of Old Downtown, is a big driver of the community lifestyle in Windsor. It serves as the year round center of city activities with farmers’ markets, festivals, city celebrations and most notably the Annual Summer Night on the Green Concerts. While families go about their business, going to parks and good schools, and enjoying the amazing Sonoma County outdoors, it is really the Green where the lifestyle of Windsor is most exemplified.

Worklife of Windsor

Plenty of people live in Windsor and commute to Santa Rosa or other Sonoma county jobs but if you want to live and work here then you’ll probably working in the wine production or general agricultural/farming industries. You could also find a gig in the growing hospitality and tourism industry. Much to the chagrin of some locals Windsor has been growing its tourism biz and so job opportunities in service are on the rise.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Before The Rise

While other Sonoma cities have exploded in popularity and tourism Windsor remains a bit off the radar. There is some desire among more growth-minded locals to spike the size of the local and tourist community and so if you want to get in on an amazing city before it is untouchable then make your move now.