San Carlos, California

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Farmer's Market
Farmer's Market
Burton Park
Burton Park
Doppio Zero, Downtown San Carlos
Doppio Zero, Downtown San Carlos

The Best Thing About San Carlos?

Laurel Street

Laurel Street is the wonderful but also relatively mellow commercial street in San Carlos. It smacks of small-town USA with its boutique shopping, restaurants and coffee shops. You can find cities in the surrounding area with bigger and fancier downtowns (see Palo Alto and Menlo Park) but few as calm and fun as this. One note: the outdoor seating and restaurant scene blew up a bit in the recent times, bringing a more jumping vibe to the area. Some locals are pushing to shutdown the outdoor shenanigans in favor of a return to a quieter, slower pace.

The Worst Thing About San Carlos?

It’s on the verge

It’s hard for these more chill towns near Palo Alto and Menlo Park not to become them as fancier folk move in and buy out some of the historically blue collar population. When your media home price is north of $2m it can’t entirely maintain its character and San Carlos feels on the verge of losing that balance of socio-economic diversity that made it a more reasonable place to raise your kiddos.

Lifestyle of San Carlos

San Carlos is for sure a family town. Most of the housing is single-family although there are some condos/townhomes and apartments near downtown and up on Crestview for those looking for something smaller (albeit not inexpensive). Much of the community gathers on Laurel Street (downtown) and Burton Park for a pretty active social calendar that includes an annual parade, weekend markets, a wide variety of fairs including an Art and Wine Faire, outdoor family camp-outs, summer concert series, and movies nights under the starts. There is also a ton of volunteering opportunities offered through the City Council Volunteer group. It’s a close-knit town that also has a ton of youth sports and community activities for the kiddos. If you want your beans to be busy this town will serve you well.

Schools in San Carlos

Public schools in San Carlos rank among the highest in the country with an A on Schools in San Carlos place within the top 5% in the state of California and White Oaks Elementary School, ranks #5 out of 7,163 in California, and Central Middle School ranks #100 out of 6,510 in the state. High Schoolers travel to nearby Carlmont High School in Belmont or Sequoia High School in Redwood City to complete their secondary education, both of which are part of the Sequoia Union High School District that ranks A+ on [](
) so you can’t go wrong for schools in San Carlos.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

The Vibe

Bay Area living with a taste of Mainstreet USA. You’re in the heart of the tech world but San Carlos hasn’t completely flipped yet to the fancy-town vibe of some of the more illustrious neighbors. If you’re hankering for a bit less tech-crypto-algorithm soirees and a bit more Mainstreet USA then take a look at San Carlos.