Baltimore, Maryland

It's Not The Wire

I would never want to live anywhere but Baltimore. You can look far and wide, but you'll never discover a stranger city with such extreme style. It's as if every eccentric in the South decided to move north, ran out of gas in Baltimore, and decided to stay.”
― John Waters

The Best Thing About Baltimore?

The Seafood Scene!

Okay, it’s not Boston, but it’s the unsung hero of the East Coast Seafood Scene. From lobster rolls to crab cakes, oysters on the half shell, and more, Baltimore has the food and drink scene on lock. If you want the best options, opt to live near the waterfront and in neighboring Fell’s Point. It might be a popular stop for visitors, but it’s a staple for locals as well!

One of our favorite locals description of living in the city: I have lived in this city all of my 53 years of life. I have had the pleasure of living in eight different neighborhoods in that span of time. Baltimore will make your heart swell, and give you a migraine, sometimes in one day. There are annual street festivals like Artscape, SoWeBo, Fell Point Fun Fest that bring people together and give you a chance to sample food and wares made by locals. Our transit system (I am carless) has many flaws, but if you can learn to be patient, it will get you where you are going. We have a ton of deeply ingrained, systemic problems that do not have easy answers. Redlining in the fifties pushed many affluent whites out to suburbia, as their fear of people that didn't look like them outweighed their love of our city. But if you take a walk through Mount Vernon on a sunny day, you'll see architecture, statuary, and walk the same streets as F.Scott Fitzgerald, Etta and Claribel Cone, Gertrude Stein, Cab Calloway, Eubie Blake and so many others. In short, Baltimore is a place to fall in love with, even though she might not always love you back.

The Worst Thing About Baltimore?

It's a Real City

It’s not the Wire, okay? Baltimore is far from being the intense crime drama like it is portrayed on TV. But that being said, it’s not the safest city in the world. Baltimore is a wonderful city with grit, charm, and way friendlier strangers than DC or NYC. But it’s important to keep in mind the same rules you hear about most cities: stay alert at night, be aware of your environment, and, like any good city-dweller, never leave any valuables in your car.

In the words of a local: I'm going to be brutally honest here: Baltimore is NOT The Wire, but it's also not the safest city in America. It's a great place to live and work but know the following:

You don't have to have a car to live here, but our public transportation is lacking (particularly subway) and most of the desirable neighborhoods and places to work are not located near each other. Baltimore is a patchwork you don't always want to bike or walk around.
Be aware of your environment. Many of the people I know here have been mugged, usually after having a few too many drinks and walking to their car, or back home. Don't leave anything in you car. Ever. Even an empty backpack. Especially if you live downtown.

Lifestyle of Baltimore

While DC gets most of the attention, Charm City has a lot of options of its own for residents to enjoy. The beautiful Baltimore Museum of Art, going out on the water, and enjoying the city’s seafood scene are just some of the lifestyle staples of Baltimore. The 135-acre Maryland Zoo and a variety of other museums are a few of ways that Baltimore provides families with a long list of options to pass the time.

Baltimore is also home to almost twenty different colleges and universities, and is unsurprisingly a growing hub for younger people as well. A plethora of professional sports teams both within Baltimore and in nearby DC have lively fan bases that provide the athletically inclined with communities aplenty to enjoy the city. A great public transportation system makes it convenient to get around and a good option for those not excited about paying for a car and the gas costs that come with it. Baltimore is also just a train or car ride away from DC, Philly and NYC, so those looking for a new adventure have that well within their grasp.

Check out all the happenings in Baltimore in a calendar of events, courtesy of the Baltimore Sun:!/

Workstyle of Baltimore

Due in large part to the presence of institutions like Johns Hopkins University, healthcare, medicine and biotech are king in Baltimore. Charm City is regarded as one of the top spots to move for those looking to work in health or medicine. Baltimore is also home to Fortune 500 companies such as Black & Decker, Constellation Energy, Legg Mason, and T. Rowe Price, and financial services as a whole are also on the rise. To nobody’s surprise, education is also big in Baltimore with its 17 different colleges and universities. The city itself is committed to continue innovating and diversifying its employment options, and that will likely continue to be possible as more and more younger residents begin to call Baltimore their home.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

It’s better than DC

Baltimore is definitely an underappreciated East Coast city. It is growing and well-loved by the locals who call it home. And as a city that has access to some of the most significant cities in the region, it’s worth the 45 minute train commute to DC to well….not live in DC.