Ocean City, Maryland

Boardwalk Empire

To those who would divide us or drive us to the extremes of either political party, I remind you that Maryland has been called 'a state of middle temperament.' Our politics need that middle temperament as well.
-Larry Hogan

The Best Thing About Ocean City?

The “Ocean” Part

Ocean City might be the most aptly named city in the country. Everything here is about the ocean. Beautiful beaches? Check. Lively boardwalks, beach shops, and carnivals? Triple check. Great Seafood? You betcha. That annoying yet somehow simultaneously relaxing sound that seagulls make? Oh yeah. If you long for the nostalgic beach vacations of your youth, let Ocean City take it from here.

A note from a long-time beach-goer about how to do the beach right:
We don't go to the beach in the morning because it is crazy crowded. Mornings are for board games, puzzles, mini golf, going to see a movie. Afternoons are for the beach when it is less crowded. Since we stay so close to the beach, we do not make it big production and only take towels, water bottles, some sand toys, boogie boards. People call the beaches nasty but at least up north, they drag them every night so they are actually pretty clean. The lifeguards are top flight…we have had the same guard for the past 20 years.

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The Worst Thing About Ocean City?

The “City” Part

Move away from the shores and there are definitely some cons. Ocean City’s got a reputation of not being safe during some hours of the day throughout the summer, highlighted by crime rates well above the national average. During those summer months, traffic around town can be brutal with all of the tourists coming in, and the presence of drug usage does not go unnoticed, typically stemming from groups of high school and college age kids that frequently set up camp for a week or two. It’s a paradise, don’t get me wrong, but be prepared to share it with all different kinds of people throughout the summer who see it that way too.

Cautionary note from a long-time visitor:
We stay in the same place up on 140th Oceanside and have for the past 45 years. It is quiet and very family oriented up there, everything within walking distance, same people own the restaurants, the same lifeguard has been riding the 140th street chair for the past 20 years (shoutout to Jake!). It is certainly more built up but still pretty chill. My kids and I have met some good friends on that stretch of beach. Would I go to the Boardwalk at night these days? No way. We have only gone during the early afternoon for the past 10 years.

Lifestyle of Ocean City

Most full time residents own homes rather than rent. West Ocean City is a great example of the typical vibes here, with a lot of suburban type, medium sized single family housing less than a ten minute walk from the ocean. Housing prices are a little above the national average, but definitely below what you might expect for a town as close to the ocean and with all of the amenities that Ocean City offers. One neighborhood in particular that’s a little different than this is North Ocean City, which is right in the heart of the action. Due to its location, you’re probably going to be living in a nice condo or a more expensive home up there.

If you're interested in what happens in Ocean City check out the calendar of events: https://www.ococean.com/events

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Not just a tourist town.

Unlike most of the other coastal towns you might stop in on a summer road trip, Ocean City is actually a great place to live year round as well. The nightlife here makes Ocean City a solid spot for younger people, and the great public schools and laid back vibe in residential areas make Ocean City a great place to move to whether you’re starting a family or looking to retire. Especially in an age where more and more jobs are going remote and many now find themselves sitting in front of a computer all day, the time has never been better to move to one of the best beach cities in the states.