New York City / Manhattan, New York

The Fearless One

These streets will make you feel brand new. Big lights will inspire you. Hear it for New York, New York, New York.
Alicia Keys

The Best Thing About New York?


In the words of the bard: “this city has no chill”. And we mean that in the best of all possible ways. Living in Manhattan is like being at the center of the world, the fountain from which art and culture springs. Manhattan is ambitious, it's full of life, it feels like it's pushing you towards something great. There’s always going to be something to do, not matter what you’re interested in. Manhattan offers anonymity for the introverts, and an endless stream of interesting people to meet for the extroverts. Oh, and the food’s better.

Here's a local's pov on living in NYC:
New York just really inspires me. I’m a creative and it makes me want to make things and go after all my crazy ideas. And they don’t feel crazy here because New York feels like a city where everyone is allowed to dream and you don’t always get that in other places.

I can go on the most beautiful vacation and still when I get back to the city and am driving in from Queens the NYC skyline revitalizes me and makes me excited to be home.

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The Worst Thing About New York?


New York can feel like you’re being “ratio’ed” by the number of days you can get punished for what is hard here compared to the number of days you get to enjoy the things that are amazing about the city. With millions of people living on top of each other, Manhattan can become pretty claustrophobic if you aren’t used to it. That might improve somewhat in a work-from-home culture, but for the most part you either learn to live with the problems, or find ways to get out to escape the occasional exhaustion of living there. If you're from the ‘burbs, Manhattan will feel dirty and crowded and loud, so if you need wide open spaces try to live near the Park, or consider moving to Queens.

Here's the pov of a local who likes living here but acknowledges the challenges:
We exist at a high rate of speed. We eat fast, talk fast, walk fast, and are considered rude because we’re not into much small talk on the subway or out on the go. If you need directions I’ll help if I can and if you want to hangout we can but trying to have a conversation while I’m on the move is a no go. We’re curt not because we mean to be assholes, it’s simply because we grew up with 8 million people wading through crowds of locals and tourists. Growing up here means trying to beat the crowds or being stuffed in a metal box like sardines because you’ve missed the last train and the next one isn’t around for 20 minutes.

How You Living?


Unless you’ve lived in Hong Kong, or maybe San Francisco in terms of housing costs, there is no way to be prepared for the tiny apartments and high prices you’re forced to live with here. Just as unique to the city are the building descriptions, Pre-War being the most common (Built before WWII). These buildings and their designation are going to be important to you because assuming you don’t have a large family (you’re in the burbs) then you may be renting or buying in an old building with crappy elevators, ugly hallways, and tiny units. There are plenty of new luxury developments with absolutely every amenity you could ask for, but be prepared to pay for it with an arm and a leg, or even a couple roommates.

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Why You Should Move Here Now?


As crazy as it may seem, not living in NYC once in your life is a bit like never skydiving. Billions of people choose not to but wouldn’t you rather be one of those that took your shot? You’ll never know if Manhattan isn’t for you until you live here. If you can embrace the vibe of the city, it will embrace you back.