Salinas, California

Salad Bowl of the World

Main Street Salinas
Main Street Salinas
Old Town Salinas
Old Town Salinas
Salinas Farmer's Market
Salinas Farmer's Market
Natividad Creek Park
Natividad Creek Park



Sunny Days: 259
54100 Affordability
79100 Schools
25100 Diversity
75100 Safety

The Best Thing About Salinas?

Cali weather without Cali crowds

Farmers set up shop near Salinas for a reason. An urban island enclosed by the acres and acres of farmland around it, Salinas residents enjoy the temperate Northern California weather year round. Not only that, but the city is far enough from metropolises like San Francisco (2.5 hours) and beach towns like Monterey (30 minutes) to be something that most of California is not: quiet. Salinas is a rare mixture of temperate and tranquil.

The Worst Thing About Salinas

Cali prices without Cali amenities

Other than the temperate weather and natural beauty, expensive housing is another California trademark present in Salinas. Housing costs in Salinas, while cheaper than neighbors, are well above national averages, so you’ll have to pay to play just like everywhere else in the state. Despite this, Salinas residents often complain that there’s not much to do in the city itself. Drives to Monterey are common for those looking to get out of the house. Speaking of getting out of the house, residents also complain that it isn’t always safe, another knock on the beautiful city.

Lifestyle of Salinas

One thing that residents of Salinas certainly appreciate is the art world. Music lovers can find a home at the Fox Theater. Visual arts lovers find a home every month at the First Fridays Art Walk. Those appreciating the beauty of the natural world will find a home in Salinas as well. A plethora of trails, the beaches within a thirty minute drive, and the nearby Monterey Zoo and Monterey Bay Aquarium offer outlets to the natural beauty of our planet that few other cities can provide. Outside of those things, there’s not much locally for Salinas residents to do, and most of those options even require drives outside the borders of Salinas.

Schools in Salinas

On the Rise

The schools in Salinas have fared poorly at the elementary level on standardized tests as evidenced by the score of C on Teachers in the district get a higher grade though and the fact nearly 40% of the student population is first generation and working through the english-language barriers of standardized tests drives underperformance at the elementary level. There is marked improvement in student and school performance at the high school level as shown in the B rating on for the schools in the area. Basically, given time, the schools and the students catch up and perform well.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

NorCal Value

If you’re involved with the agriculture industry or have a job that is flexible enough to allow to move out of the big Bay Area or LA slog, you can enjoy Northern California with a move to Salinas, and pay a lot less.

Neighborhoods in Salinas

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River Rd / Parker Rd


River Rd/Parker Rd is an upscale rural neighborhood with a median home price of $1.15m and avg rent for a home of $5.2k+ The blocks are beautiful and tree-lined and the homes are on large lots and are mostly 3+ bedrooms. Most of the children attend either Boronda Meadows Elementary School or Spreckels Elementary School, [El Sausal Middle School](, and Salinas High School.

San Benancio Rd / Harper Canyon Rd


The San Benancio Rd / Harper Canyon Rd neighborhood is another upscale area with beautiful homes along streets filled with evergreen trees. The more densely laid out homes sell for an avg median $1 million or rent for an avg $4900. Homes are typically 3+ bedrooms and highly valued for the strong community feel throughout the neighborhood.
One of the great prizes of the neighborhood is Toro County Park. It's smack dab in the middle of the area and has riding trails, playgrounds, volleyball courts, and baseball diamonds and acts as a hub for the local community.

E Boronda Rd / Constitution Blvd


The E Boronda Rd / Constitution Blvd neighborhood offers lower-priced housing options. It's home to many students who attend colleges in nearby downtown, including Hartnell College and California State University, Monterey Bay.
The median home price is $755,000 and avg rent $2,840. Unlike many neighborhoods in Salinas, this area has many apartment rental options, for either students, or young professionals looking for cheaper options than Monterey. Harden Ranch and Boronda Manor are two popular options.

Locals appreciate the short walk to major shopping/restaurant options as well as the fact several parks are within walking distance including Santa Rita and Soto Square Playground. Ideal for young families looking to keep the kiddos active outdoors.