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But if you're looking to be spooked by really tall trees then you've got to go to Washington State. -Dar Williams

The Best Thing About Spokane?

Mother Nature

Spokane is a beautiful mountain paradise with a smallish city vibe, rural surroundings and lots and lots of outdoorsy life. Running and biking trails weave alongside the gorgeous Spokane River, which cuts right through the city. Outside the city, five ski resorts, nearby lakes (including Lake Couer D’ Alene), more rivers, and forests provide the best of Washington’s scenery and amazing opportunities for recreation. While those moving from Seattle or Portland will find downtown sleepy it's a good mix of nature and urban if you like your ratio heavier on the nature side of things.

Here are a few pros about Spokane from a local:
You can live in any residential environment you want. Downtown, suburban, rural, small town. All are still relatively affordable and available, Lots of outdoors stuff to do. Hiking, swimming, biking, skiing, offroading, hunting, fishing, etc. Lots of good breweries and a handful of good restaurants. Beautiful scenery imo and all 4 seasons, plus a bonus smoke season!

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The Worst Thing About Spokane?

The Cold

The weather, and economy, are quite cold in today’s Spokane. The long winters can be tough to endure for those coming from the coasts, and the local economy can be even tougher to endure if you don’t have a job lined up. The disenfranchised are common here. Gonzaga University losing in the Final Four every year also doesn’t help morale around town.

Locals/Transplants with a note about how they make the weather work:
I’ve lived in Spokane for a couple of years. After living in several places in the Pacific Northwest, I’m comfortable settling here. The weather in Spokane is considerably favorable to Western Washington (for me anyway). Spokane has fairly hot summers and fairly snowy winters. It doesn’t rain much compared to the west side of Washington - it’s pretty sunny and dry.

Lifestyle of Spokane

Some of the eternally weird from Portland and Seattle move to Spokane due to the lower cost of living and outdoor recreation, so, for better or for worse, get ready for a city where there’s a lot more to do outdoors than indoors. Spokane has a reputation of being rundown and having a small, sleepy downtown. Generally speaking, the better neighborhoods are on the outer rings of the city. The majority of social interaction for newcomers will come without a roof (or on the Gonzaga campus for students).

If you want to see all that happens in Spokane check out the calendar of events:

Workstyle of Spokane

Outside of healthcare and education, there aren’t a ton of jobs. A lot of coastal transplants move to town for the mountains rather than the money and either have jobs lined up before moving, or are living that remote lifestyle. The lack of extensive freeway system, poor public transit, and frequent railroad crossings cause frustrating commuter traffic for a town of its size.

Why You Should Move Here Now?


You should move here now for the scenery, outdoor lifestyle and a city filled with people who love those things. In the age of remote working, Spokane is a great choice for the nature lover seeking a cheaper option than the coastal cities to the west and the mountain cities to the east.

Neighborhoods in Spokane

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Browne's Addition

Young Professionals

Browne’s Addition has a trendy new commercial area that serves pints, coffee, pastries and good food to the neighborhood. It’s close to downtown and one of the cities more diverse neighborhoods. There are plenty of excellent apartment options for those looking to rent that can be hard to come by in a family-centric city like Spokane.

Logan is home to Gonzaga University, and is a cool mix of students, young couples, and young families. It’s not the peaceful, quiet, suburban style neighborhood Spokane typically offers and has the college town energy young professionals might be looking for.

  • Browne’s Addition
  • Logan
  • Downtown
  • Shiloh Hills

North Hill

Young Families

WIth a business/commercial district in the heart of the neighborhood, North Hill offers locals an interesting mix of a urban/suburban feel right in the middle of Spokane. It’s got solid schools and plenty parks for the young beans to run around in.

Peaceful Valley is another great option as it lives up to its name aby offering residents gorgeous topography and some separation from the "downtown" but all within a walk from the heart of the city.

  • North Hill
  • Peaceful Valley
  • East Central

North Indian Trail

Established Families

North Indian Trail is one of Spokane’s most gorgeous, safe and pricey neighborhoods. It has good spots for dinner and drinks, and is home to multiple grocery stores.

Five Mile Prairie is another of Spokane's more affluent neighborhoods, and brings a more rural vibe that North Indian Trail. There’s a wonderful local park, and the area’s public schools are some of the best in town.

  • North Indian Trail
  • Five Mile Prairie
  • North Hill