Denver, Colorado


Union Station, Downtown, Denver
Union Station, Downtown, Denver
East Colfax Avenue, Denver Colorado
East Colfax Avenue, Denver Colorado
City Park, Denver Neighborhood
City Park, Denver Neighborhood
Washington Park (Wash Park), Denver
Washington Park (Wash Park), Denver

Every day, the sun comes out and the sky’s always blue. That’s what I miss about Denver.
– Dikembe Mutombo

The Best Thing About Denver?

The View

So much to say about this city but we’re going to start with what has amazed visitors and residents for hundreds of years and will continue to do so for hundreds of years: the view. For the uninitiated, Denver isn’t in the mountains but rather it sits on a high plain just east of the foothills of a first set of mountains that then leads to the front of the Rockies. In fact, there are 200 peaks visible from Denver and this view is so important that state law prohibits any structure blocking the mountains from the State Capitol.

One huge bonus for residents trying to enjoy this view is 300 days of sunshine per year (more than San Diego). The average temperature in February is 45 degrees, it’s drier than Phoenix, and has only 14 inches of rain/snow a year, which is the same as Los Angeles. Trust us, you’re going to be outdoors enjoying this city throughout the year.

Thoughts from a local:
We enjoy the comforts of urban living, knowing that the mountains are just a short drive away that offer urban dwellers a brief respite from the congestion of the city. The scenic beauty of the mountains, coupled with the wide variety of things to do in Denver offer a comfortable mix of business and pleasure.

The Worst Thing About Denver?


We’re kidding, we’re kidding, kind of. The problem isn’t Californians specifically, although they ain’t helping, it’s all the transplants from Cali and Texas and Seattle and elsewhere that look to; escape higher costs of living, or weaker economies, or unhealthier lifestyles, and as a result end up in Denver. Lots of new people can change the original vibe of a city that drew them in the first place, move up costs, and generate all the commensurate challenges population growth brings.

Here's a transplanter's pov on the growth:
Although I enjoy many of the things Denver has to offer, I catch myself whining like a lot of the "natives" because of insane traffic, crowded trails, and…many of the things Denver has to offer. I think I just have to remember that I'm part of the problem (although Denver still needs to adjust to the rapid growth, because from what I've seen it's not slowing down).

Lifestyle of Denver

Without question the outdoors plays a significant role in the lifestyle of most “Denverites”. Outdoor play is year-round and whether you’re into hiking, running, skiing, fishing, kayaking or just taking a walk and enjoying the sunshine it never stops here. All that said, Denver has been exploding in big city lifestyle amenities over the years and it is ready to compete (whether locals want them to or not) with any other place.

Many might debate whether a huge microbrewery scene (Denver has a big one) is a signal of important growth for a downtown but when you combine it with one of the best music scenes in the country you get a sense of the fun but casual social scene. Pair that culture of brews and music with cutting-edge dining and a young population and you can get a sense of what it's like to live in Denver. While people certainly do dress up in Denver to attend events at the growing performing arts center it is most notably a city that prides itself on having a ton to do and the majority of it can be done casually.

Check out the Denver calendar of events to see how the city plays throughout the year:

Workstyle of Denver

Denver is a perfect storm of a robust local economy, where you can move to for a job in: Aerospace, Telecomm, Healthcare, Bioscience, Energy and Tech, and an amazing place where work-from-homer’s are moving to experience the outdoor lifestyle without any commute. To the chagrin of many of the long-term locals Denver has supplanted Austin as the new in-place for those looking for a progressive, booming economy, to move to to get away from California.

Just like the social scene, the workstyle of Denver is casual. No matter the industry (well maybe not the lawyers) people are in jeans here. Think San Francisco without the tech-culture Patagonia vest and Albirds accessories. If they’re wearing Patagonia here it's because it is winter. One other work culture plus to Denver is how balanced the work/play balance is here. You don’t move to Denver to sit in an office seven days a week. You’re working smack dab in the most amazing outdoor lifestyle scene in the country and employees demand and employers permit a balance of work and play.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Economic Opportunity In A Stunning Outdoors Package

There are a lot of cities to move to that are doing well economically. There are a lot of cities to move to that have great beauty like Denver. It is rare to find these different things in a single place. Denver’s Aerospace, Tech/Telecomm, Financial Services, Biotech/Healthcare and of course the fast track business of legal cannabis make this an economic boomtown like say a Houston or Atlanta, but you also get to live in the shadows of possibly the most beautiful mountain range and countryside in the country. What’s not to like?