Concord, California

Todos Santos

Downtown Concord
Downtown Concord
Salvio Pacheco Square
Salvio Pacheco Square
Summer Concert Series
Summer Concert Series
Newhall Community Park
Newhall Community Park



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There's a snake in my boot.
Woody in Toy Story (aka Tom Hanks, Concord native)

The Best Thing About Concord

Affordable Housing?

It’s hard to make a case for any city in the Bay Area as having affordable housing but the median home price of ~768k in May of 2023 is low for anywhere near a major city in California. Much of the housing stock is older, which accounts in part for the lower prices, but the city is also not as “hot” as neighboring cities like Pleasant Hill or Walnut Creek which have more developed city centers. What this means is that you’re next to cities with active city centers that you can visit but you then get to retreat to a quieter, and less expensive community in Concord.

The Worst Thing About Concord


There are cities in the east bay that people rave about: Alameda, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, etc. Generally these raves come from locals who appreciate the robust commercial districts that drive active social lives and strong community bonds. Since Concord has a quieter downtown scene it gets some knocks for being an “unremarkable” place for those who want their city to provide a local cultural and social center.

Lifestyle of Concord

Concord is a suburban city that serves families that appreciate the lower cost of housing compared to neighboring cities. Hence a lifestyle that is driven by family activities. Todos Santos Plaza in the downtown district is the community gathering place of Concord. It plays host to summer concerts, a farmer’s market and events throughout the year. The Plaza also has a public park at its center with picnicking, and a large children’s playground pulling in families during the big events and just for downtown visits.

Outside of downtown the city also has a beautiful community park called Newhall. Locals flock here to hike, play with their kiddos and doggos, and families and singles also find themselves here for adult and youth soccer leagues. It also has ponds for contemplation and evening bocce and bbq’s for those in more festive moods. Concord is also home to the Pixieland Amusement Park and Six Flags/Hurricane Harbor, the Bay Area’s largest water park so while the city can be quiet, there is a ton to do with the kiddos.

Schools of Concord

The Concord school system rates a B+ on and is called the Mt. Diablo Unified School District for those who go searching and can’t find a Concord, CA district. The general consensus among locals about the schools here is that it is hit or miss depending on the school with generally the southern side of the city, that borders Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill offering the best options. These schools perform better in testing but of course those go hand-in-hand with the more expensive homes. The rise in charter schools has impacted Concord, with Clayton Valley a relatively new charter school, now the highest ranked public high school in the city. Concord is also home to De La Salle, a well-known parochial high school, with an excellent sports program and an A rating for academics.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

On the rise!

Concord is in development mode, building more restaurants, shopping, and cafes in a growing downtown, and more outdoor rec and activity space in the undeveloped naval station area. It is however, in an earlier stage of this growth relative to neighbors like Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill. What that means is you’re getting in on the ground floor if you buy in to Concord before it grows its commercial districts and outdoor rec areas to match those of other popular Bay Area cities.

Neighborhoods in Concord

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Young Professionals/DINKs/Retirees

Downtown Concord is not as built out as neighboring Pleasant Hill or Walnut Creek so its far less a hot spot for young professionals or couples but there is a growing set of living options here. Some comes from the older homes that were the original housing in the city and some from the newer condo/apartment buildings, like The Grant or Renaissance Square, that have emerged in recent years to support professionals who want to live in a downtown, be near a BART stop, and enjoy a short walk to the bars, restaurants and community opportunities the city offers. As noted above, Concord is in development mode of its downtown so if you want to get in before it gets too pricey this is a good choice.

Dana Estates

Young Families

The Dana Estates neighborhood is a great spot for young families or retirees looking for a tight community. Housing prices are more reasonable than in some other neighborhoods, with primarily single-family single-story ranch style homes. Many have been updated, remodeled and expanded but if you can get your hands on one pre-update its a good value with a median price of $745k.
It’s a relatively short two-mile commute to a BART stop and downtown and the neighborhood has one of the largest community pools and parks in the area, Gehringer Park and Swim Club, which families flock to in the summer heat.

Dana Estates is notable for its Neighborhood Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to improving community activities, supporting locals in ensuring safe streets and making sure the neighborhood has a unified voice in working with the city of Concord on community needs.
Finally, neighborhoods like Dana Estates that are near the undeveloped former Concord Naval Weapons Station, are viewed as a great choice for what is coming in the future. The master plan for the 5,000 acres of undeveloped land include a green belt adjacent to Dana Estates and a large park and open space, basically in your backyard.

Clayton Valley Highlands

Young Families/Families

Another interesting option in Concord is Clayton Valley Highlands. It has a great mix of homes built in the 50’s and 60’s with much bigger yards than other neighborhoods. Which makes it great for kids and doggos to get some rec time in the yard. Given the homes were built just after WWII means it’s not a cookie-cutter development neighborhood and that variety of small and larger homes just makes it a more interesting place to live. You also get the biggest swing in pricing, with smaller homes in the 600k’s and larger in the high $800/$900k’s.

Crystal Ranch


Crystal ranch is a high-end development nestled in the hills of Mount Diablo. It is one of the true luxury neighborhoods that give locals a sense of being removed from the city and living in a quiet, protected space with large homes, big yards and tons of community amenities. This includes parks and plenty of outdoor trail hiking and biking, a beautiful community pool and clubhouse, and most importantly to many some of the best public schools in the area. Homes are in the $1.2m to $1.5m+ range so expect some sticker shock.