Boston, Massachusetts

Wicked Pissah

Boston is actually the capital of the world. You didn’t know that? We breed smart-ass, quippy, funny people.
-- John Krasinski

The Best Thing About Boston?

Never boring

The wider Boston region, even if you define it conservatively, contains dozens and dozens of other towns and communities. Living “in town” (as it is called), is a patchwork of hundreds of neighborhoods all with mini-cultures and a host of shops and restaurants. They all have their tree-lined streets and parks and respites from the commotion. It doesn't take long to find your rhythm. If you can afford the rent or mortgage in Boston proper, it's got a lot of world-class stuff. You'll never tire of the scenery and there's a host of possibilities for something new every single day. Plus, the New England Autumn and some of the best healthcare hubs in the country.

You will never be bored. And neither will your kids.

Review from a local: I've lived outside the city in a suburb since forever. I spend a couple days a week in town. No place is quite like Boston. It's absolutely beautiful. There's always a new bar to try and new places to check out. If you like beer this a good place for you. If you like sports this is a fun place to be. Fall, Spring, and Summer and lovely.

The Worst Thing About Boston?

It’s expensive.

The median U.S. home price of around $200,000 buys about 371 square feet of residential space in Boston. As for renting, the region is among the four or five priciest in the nation. Only if you’re coming from San Francisco, San Jose, and New York City (and maybe D.C and LA.) will Boston’s housing costs not shock you. And, it’s dense. It's full of narrow lanes and tight fits. You don’t need a car if you live in town and nor should you want one. It’s called “The Walking City” and there’s nowhere to park.

Here's a transplants pov on a couple of the cons of living in Boston: it's expensive. make sure to negotiate your salary as much as you can.

boston is pretty segregated. many communities of color live south of the city in roxbury, dorchester, jp, or north in malden. the general culture is pretty white and permeates into a lot of things like nightlife, restaurants, and activities strongly catering to white audiences. even though your friends don't have to reflect this, it can make it a little more difficult to feel like you 100% belong if you're a person of color.

Lifestyle Of Boston

It is impossible to ignore the college scene’s influence on the lifestyle of the city, even if it is merely in observing that you are constantly walking by schools and seeing scores of youngsters walking about the streets. When you combine the college kids with the scores of graduates who work and play in the city there is no question it is a young place and that vibe is for the most part a really invigorating thing.
There is a patrician side to Boston that contrasts with the college scene, fancy events and Beacon Hill (THE fancy neighborhood) aristocracy. There is a theater and performing arts and museum culture in Boston but again, the vibe skews to younger, more playful daily and nightly activities. Taking the T to see the Red Sox. Hitting up the casual bars/restaurants in Back Bay after some shopping on Newbury Street. Picnicking and throwing the frisbee on Boston Common. It’s just a blast taking advantage of all Boston has to offer people of any age.

If you want to see what fun locals get up to in Boston check out the calendar of events.

Worklife Of Boston

Boston has a vast number of industries but two stand out: tech and health. Outside of San Francisco there isn’t another city with a denser concentration of tech opportunities than Boston. Health and healthcare are also massive industries here as the hospital systems, health/biotech research facilities are unparalleled.

Work in Boston is also convenient as the subway system, called the T, is very functional at moving you around the city and beyond. Living and working in the city is either a walk or a short train ride. It is a great city for job hunting in tech, biotech, health, finance and of course the biggest category of all: higher education. This city is highly trained, highly educated, and highly compensated. As was noted, the downside of all those smarts and compensation is commensurate pricing in housing. If you can afford it though it is an incredible place to work.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

It's a fun ride

It’s not for the faint of heart but, the experience, if you can afford it, is a fun ride. A lifetime worth of culture, history, educated people, diversity, doctors and stuff for all ages to enjoy.