Walnut Creek, California

Arroyo de las Nueces

The Worst Thing About Walnut Creek?


The East Bay is guilty of lousy traffic and Walnut Creek is not the worst offender but if you need to drive to Oakland, San Francisco or Berkeley for work, or really anywhere that requires using the major freeways and you’re going to be glum. It’s one of the worst areas for congestion in the country so if you can work from home, work in Walnut Creek, or take BART to work then you’re going to want to make that choice.

The Best Thing About Living in Walnut Creek

Climate and Setting

It’s hard to beat Walnut Creek’s Mediterranean climate, which except when there is a drought means mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. It’s not as hot as the cities farther east and doesn’t get the fog of the coastal cities. That means nearly year round hiking, biking and general outdoor play. It doesn’t hurt that you get this weather amidst stunning natural landscapes. A beautiful day while nestled in the foothills of Mount Diablo just makes things that much nicer.

Lifestyle of Walnut Creek

Walnut Creek has more families than another other demographic but there are some youngsters who take advantage of the small but decent selection of restaurants, pubs, cafes and shopping that make up the downtown neighborhood. That said, Walnut Creek is for sure more family-focused though and the lifestyle here is much more about little league games (soccer is big too) and burgers and shakes after. The outdoor experiences available both in-town and up on Mt Diablo and Shell Ridge make this a place where everyone has some of the best hiking, biking and camping available throughout the year. That pleasant climate means you can spend 12 months a year playing sports as a kid or a grownup.

There’s also a wonderful performing arts center, the Lesher Center for the Arts, that hosts theater events, concerts and dance performances when you want to enjoy the arts. The city also plays host to year-round Festivals, farmers’ markets, and a Summer Concert Series. Finally, the beautiful weather means that workout and fitness activities for groups are available both indoor and outdoors, where running, hiking and biking clubs enjoy fitness on the city’s trails and social play once the workout is done!

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Quality of Life

Walnut Creek has amazing weather, an incredible outdoor lifestyle, is in a perfect location, has great schools, a tight-knit community and is near but not right on top of the area's big cities. All of this makes the quality of life pretty darn perfect.