Helping you discover your next home town

LookyLOO brings together rich data with local insights from our writers, and reviews from people who live in the cities and neighborhoods that you’re considering.

Look Score

  • Looky here!

    These cities are scorching hot. Great economies, lifestyles and overwhelmingly positive sentiment from people who live there.

  • Looks promising

    These cities are trending well but might be a bit slower in the economy or lifestyle area. Could be a city in a more remote location or a flattening economy but still right for you.

  • Looks sleepy

    These cities are suffering in some way, economically or in lifestyle, and that struggle is hurting the sentiment of locals towards their hometown. The city can still work if you know the challenge and that issue is unimportant to you or you can see that the city is on the rise.

  • Looks unlikely

    There’s trouble in River City. Double and triple-check the write-up and reviews to understand the challenges facing this city before making a move.

Data & Details

There is no shortage of bland editorials and mind-numbing city data points spread all over the great big world wide web. Finding them, let alone pulling them all together is tedious and tiresome. Which is why we created LookyLOO, so you don’t have to do all that legwork that makes every city sound the same.

We gather, collect and analyze rich public data sets, as well as online sentiment and commentary, to help you more fully imagine what it would be like to call a place home. That means that all the data and articles you’d normally spend hours searching for and then logging into spreadsheets, are now all here, created and curated in one place.

To inform the Look Score and specific data points we utilize public data sources and rank them on a scale from 0-100. These include: WalletHub, AARP Livability Index, City Data, Walk Score, Niche, and Sentiment Analysis data from Social Context Labs.

The Look Score is an average of the three top criteria: Economy, Lifestyle and Sentiment. We double-weight the sentiment score in the average because for most of us, what truly matters is how satisfied or happy are the people who live in a city.

For many people, additional details like quality of schools, or safety matter as much (or more) than economy or lifestyle – for that reason, we provide more nuanced data insights that you might be interested in. Our algorithms standardize and convert these unique public data sources onto a 0-100 scale for data-continuity across the site.

These rankings add further context to a location, and can be found on the “Just the Facts” tab of each City Page and include



Where do you collect the information for The Buzz tabs on the City pages?

LookyLOO shares reviews of cities from people on sites like Quora, or Reddit, or Niche among many others.

How often is your data refreshed?

Most of the sources LookyLoo relies on for data refresh their data once a year. LookyLOO follows the same pattern and refreshes each city once a year.

How can I contribute ideas for future data points, give feedback on city or neighborhood content or scores, or let you know about site glitches (bugs)?

LookLOO has a feedback system on each page via the “insert name”. You are welcome to give very specific feedback on a particular city you think it is important for readers to know as well as data points you’d like us to add or anything else on your mind.

Is there a way for me to compare locations side-by-side?

Search results stack the result cities in order by score. This way you can see, based on your criteria, which city receives the highest Look Score.