San Marcos, California

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Double Peak Park
Double Peak Park
San Marcos Farmer's Market
San Marcos Farmer's Market
Woodland Park
Woodland Park

The Best Thing About San Marcos?

Suburban Bliss

San Marcos is a wonderful bedroom community. One that has stunning scenery, amazing weather (albeit a few degrees warmer than the coast) and some of the best schools in the entire state. The homes are beautiful, the yards and parks are built for kiddos and doggos to run around and it’s as safe a city as you can find in Southern California.

The Worst Thing About San Marcos?

Suburban Blues

If you’re not looking for a bedroom community, you’re going to find San Marcos dull and it’s (as of yet) sorely lacking walkability. It’s also a rough spot if you’re commuting as the State Route 78 is the primary way to get anywhere from San Marcos and it can be a bear for commuting.

Lifestyle of San Marcos

Located in the foothills of North San Diego County, San Marcos is mostly a sleepy suburb. However, CSU came to San Marcos in 1989 and the college brings some more buzzy action (and breweries.)

South of 78, it’s subdivisions and the occasional shopping center with decent hiking.

San Marcos started out as a rural area and is still not walkable but the city is undergoing major development including high density housing, mixed use and commercial development. This is raising costs and causing some disagreement. (At the time of this writing there’s quite a kerfuffle about a second Costco for example.)

Nevertheless, the revitalization of Old California Restaurant Row is “envisioned as a vibrant, mixed-use hub that will include updated dining offerings, new retail space, landscaped pedestrian connections, a neighborhood park and a range of housing designed to facilitate a live/work environment. The Project is designed to activate W. San Marcos Blvd. through the inclusion of outdoor dining, street-facing homes to encourage walkability, social gathering spots, opportunities for public art, and other elements that improve this highly visible public space.

Schools in San Marcos

San Marcos is mome to California State University San Marcos and Palomar College as well as six private higher education institutions so education is at a premium here. SMUSD is considered a good school district and gets an A+ grade on San Marcos High School is notably well-regarded as are several grade schools including; Discovery, Paloma, San Marcos, Double Peak, and San Elijah Elementary.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

It's a pretty sweet location that is fairly close to the high priced North County beach locations without quite the steep housing costs and close to highways for commuter access to San Diego. Perhaps for some of you the $2 billion investment they are making in Downtown is the true incentive though. It will take a sleepy suburban town and turn it into a more vibrant, walkable, fun city.