Hollywood, Florida

Dream City

Gone to Florida, be back never.

The Best Thing About Hollywood, FL?

A Suburban Island

If you’re looking for a less dense and relatively more quiet area to raise your family outside of Miami and Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood could be your Huckleberry. Plenty of people move to Hollywood to escape the dense, loud, and fast paced environments surrounding it on most sides. There’s still a taste of that, the beach bars and downtown restaurant scene and other social shenanigans, but locals mostly see it as a more mellow and beautiful South Florida home to raise their families.

Here's a local's pov on living here:
Great weather. All. The. Time, pretty much. Can be a bit humid, but Sunshine, and there are shade and breezes, so it's not oppressive either. No need to bundle up & wear galoshes or anything. We Never get that Gray and gloomy sleet and ugly syndrome for more than a few Hours, let alone Days or weeks like some places. That's the biggest plus for me, No snow to shovel, no black ice to drive on…. This is a Great place to live at any age for many reasons. You can wear pretty similar clothes almost all year, and so many more clothes & shoes Work here!

The Worst Thing About Hollywood, FL?

You Might Not Want it to Be

If you’re looking at this page, chances are that you’re eyeing a move to South Florida. If your goal in that is to experience the fast pace and exciting Florida you’ve heard about, there are better options. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have that if you move to Hollywood, but with all of the other options both to the north and south, living in Fort Lauderdale or Miami might be wiser places to start your search.

The pov of a local who loves it here but notes its not one of the bigger cities:
I think Hollywood is a nice in-between buffer area to the bigger cities surrounding it and would recommend anyone to move here. Not to mention the incredible boom were having. Take a look at young circle and Hollywood boulevard. Its constantly being developed and the homeless problem has died down 10x . Things are really shaping up and I predict property value will skyrocket in 10 years around downtown hollywood.

Lifestyle of Hollywood

Hollywood locals are known for being a diverse group with a lot of pride in their neighborhoods. They take advantage of above average public schools, own their own homes at relatively high rates, and enjoy life outside. They accomplish the last of these in a variety of ways, with trails, beaches, golf courses and more well within reach. There are more highly rated bars and clubs in Hollywood than your average United States suburb, but not compared to the surrounding cities. One complaint from current residents is that the area has gotten more dense in recent years as more and more people move out of big cities around the country and move in to warmer, quieter cities like Hollywood.

If you want to see the happenings in Hollywood check out the calendar of events:

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Beat The Rush

If you’re tired of living in big cities like Miami and Fort Lauderdale but not tired of the Florida weather, Hollywood is one of the best options in the state to consider. Just know that many others are as well.