Anchorage, Alaska

The Hanging Basket Capital of the World

Alaska was the cure to the disease of my despair. -Summer Lane, 'Running with Wolves'

The Best Thing About Anchorage?

One of a Kind

It isn’t always easy to get here, but Anchorage -- and Alaska in general -- offers views, experiences, and a way of life that are well worth the trip. You might see a bald eagle sitting on the roof of your coffee shop, or run into your boss fishing for salmon outside of the office during your lunch break, or walk out of a theater and see the northern lights shining over the snow capped mountains lining the horizon. There’s no income tax here as well, making Alaska an even more appealing place to work (or work remotely) than it already was.

A local's point of view on what they love doing here:
Outdoor stuff: hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, mountain or road biking, boating, windsurfing, boretide surfing, target shooting, camping, offroading, snow machining (you probably call these snowmobiles).

Tons of wilderness and trails. There is literally a ~half million acre state park on the other side of the mountains from Anchorage. Go 60 minutes south on the (only) highway and you will be in the middle of wilderness. 4 hours the other way and you will be in Denali National Park (don’t worry though there are plenty of others along the way).

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The Worst Thing About Anchorage?

Dark and Gloomy Winters

You probably could have guessed this one. The animals aren’t the only ones that go into hibernation here, as the people (and the sun) disappear into their homes for most of the winter, leaving precious few opportunities to enjoy Alaska’s great outdoors during December and January. The persistent darkness can try the hardiest of souls, but for those who weather the storm, a summer full of sun is their reward.

Here's a local's point of view on the winters:
Winters - Cold, but not excessively cold. I know up in Wasilla, there was a week where at night we were getting down to -30 or colder, but never below -40. Since I just paid my electric bill today, it said the average temperature for this last February was 3 degrees. Winter is long

Lifestyle Of Anchorage

There is no bad weather. Just bad gear

Life in Anchorage is largely spent enjoying the outdoors. If you aren’t interested in the snow, water, hiking, biking, camping, fishing, hunting and just general being outdoors then stay the hell away from Anchorage.

This ain’t Yellowstone (the show), there’s no Californians turning the city into Park City. Although there are plenty of Californians among others who move here looking for reinvention. You want to start over, get work, and work hard then you’re going to dig it here.

Check out the city's calendar of events if you're curious what people do for fun here:

Workstyle Of Anchorage

Anchorage is a blue-collar town. Plenty of opportunities to work hard in the oil industry, transportation/port sector, the military and hardcore outdoor tourism. The economy is robust but assume you’ll need to make a decent living to afford the high cost of living. Plenty of people come here and find work but the majority come here to be in Alaska and the work follows.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

It’s Alaska… I don’t really know what else to say

Anchorage isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. More people (and young people in particular) are moving here every year to enjoy the low taxes and amazing outdoor lifestyle. Grab your hiking boots, a beer, and your desire for adventure, and get up here.