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Made up my mind to make a new start, going to California with an aching in my heart. Someone told me there's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair. -Led Zeppelin

The Best Thing About Stockton

Cali without the price tag.

Stockton has some of the positives of surrounding California cities, while dodging a lot of the negatives. Getting its start as a farming town, Stockton has easy access to organic produce and gorgeous wineries, like Northern California. It’s also one of the most diverse cities in the US and often receives awards for its diverse population. There’s also a ton to do, including the Stockton Symphony, the third-oldest professional orchestra in California, multiple sports teams, museums and historical societies, and outdoor activities. Unlike other areas in CA, Stockton has a relatively low cost of living compared to other cities. With a mix of renters and buyers, it’s easy to have the Bay feel without the price tag!

Pros/Cons from a long-time local:
We have some really yummy ethnic restaurants (Tandoori Nights, Nena’s Mexican Rest., and Tsing Tao are 3 of our favorites). We have the waters of the San Joaquin delta to waterski and boat on, and to cool us down at night. Yay for the Delta Breezes! Most of our mature neighborhoods have lovely tall and shady trees. We have a GREAT junior college, San Joaquin Delta College. We have a very nice regional museum, called the Haggin after its founder. In the summer, we have a lot of outdoor live music (sans Covid). You can get any farm fresh fruit when it’s in season, because almost EVERYTHING grows here!

It seems weird to say, but there is an apathy here that is almost welcoming—no one here really gives a shit who your romantic partners are (LGBTQI+, multiracial, etc) what your personal life is like, and our gangs are multi-racial unlike elsewhere in the state.

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The Worst Thing About Stockton?


It’s impossible to read reviews about Stockton without seeing the complaints about crime. The crime rate in Stockton is about 71% higher than the California average. Most attribute this to the 2008 recession and Stockton just now starting to pick itself back up again after those devastating few years.

Note from a local about safety in Stockton:
The south side of town is pretty sketchy indeed. The north side is quiet and suburban. I lived on the north side and my major complaint was that it was really boring. I did have two car break-ins in two years, but I never felt physically unsafe. But I didn't go downtown very often, and almost never south of Highway 4.

Lifestyle of Stockton

In 2020, US News named Stockton America’s most diverse city! In spite of the cime, Stockton is boasted by locals as a community of people who work hard and care about one another. Unlike other cities, Stockton has a pretty even distribution of ages. The only population that seems to be slightly lower is the 18-24 age range, most likely because recently graduated teens move for school or job opportunities. The wide range of social and community activities mean that Stockton has a high population of families with kids under 18 (about 50%).

Worklife of Stockton, CA

Stockton is a city that has been working really hard to climb out to the financial crisis of 2008. Because of that, there has been a low amount of industry in the town itself, but the city is working to change that. Top industries in the city as healthcare, the Stockton School district, and city workers. The new Amazon warehouse in Stockton has provided the community with jobs and the hope of getting back on its feet.

Why Move Here Now?

On The Rise

Stockton is on the rise again. The effort of the town to claw its way out of the 2008 recession has really started to show in the past year. If you want to move to a diverse, neighborly community where people support their local and small businesses and encourages it’s community to strive for more, Stockton is for you!

Neighborhoods in Stockton

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Young Families

Brookside is a beautiful neighborhood with great lawns, nice ranch-style homes, and a golf course. It also has several parks for the kiddos and doggos to run around in and has tons of restaurants for the whole family to eat.

  • Brookside
  • Lincoln Village
  • Spanos West

Lincoln Village

Established Families

Lincoln Village is a beautiful waterfront neighborhood north of downtown with nice big homes and direct access to the water via the Village West Marina. This Marina area also has fun restaurants and bars for enjoying a night out and if you head into Lincoln Center you find fabulous shopping and more restaurant choices.

  • Lincoln Village
  • Valley Oak
  • Miracle Mile/Pacific