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Venice of America



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The Best Thing About Cape Coral

The Water

They call Cape Coral the “Venice of America”. In addition to being on the Gulf of Mexico, the city has canals running throughout the neighborhoods. That means many of the homes are either on the Gulf or on the canals, making it a city where most live on the water – one way or the other, and if that’s your thing you’re going to like it here just fine.

Mini review from a relatively recent local: I am 52 and my wife 38. we have 2 Children, 8 and 2. we have been in the cape since 2018 and lived in Ft Myers for almost a year previous to that.The Cape is quiet and as stated has a larger percentage of older people. it has been our experience that its a great place to live. several great parks/playgrounds, a few good places to eat. Not much nightlife, they do have a small area with a few bars but not much other than that. Jobs are mostly service or retail, the cape doesn't have much in the way of employment variety. However, many working age people in the cape commute into Ft. Myers daily and Ft. Myers offers a better selection of entertainment options.

The Worst Thing About Cape Coral?


What most locals complain about is the fact that the city is quiet, too quiet. While plenty of locals, particularly retirees and families, are happy to chill and enjoy the outdoors, for many the lack of a significant commercial district and no culture to speak of drives them a bit stir crazy.

Review from a local about the Cons:
*- as mentioned lots of old people (and everything that comes with that)
*- “Florida Man” - google it. you will encounter at least one in your first month. Personally I was nearly assaulted by some psycho in broad daylight while parked outside a CVS*
- nothing to do for young people socially in Cape Coral. We went to ft Myers a few times which was ok but not expect to socialize/interact with people your age in CC (though, Covid, so…)

Lifestyle of Cape Coral

As noted, Cape Coral is a quiet city. Filled primarily with Retirees and Families who enjoy the outdoor lifestyle, primarily on the water, you get to enjoy here. Whether swimming in the Gulf, boating, paddle boarding or fishing on the canals, if you dislike water you won’t like the Lifestyle in Cape Coral. It should be noted that during the tourist season, roughly Thanksgiving through April, Florida fills with northerners, who fill the roads, and beaches and restaurants. If that extra energy bums you out, stay clear.

If you want to check out what locals do for fun check out the Cape Coral calendar of events:

Worklife of Cape Coral

Most people who live in Cape Coral work in Fort Meyers. The city is primarily a residential border town of the much bigger and faster growing Fort Meyers and if you live here but still work, then you’re probably heading to one of the big businesses in Fort Meyers. Retail, Healthcare, Tech and Electronics all have a big presence in the area which is why Fort Meyers has been at times the fastest growing city in the U.S.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Escape to Quiet

If you’re retiring and looking for a beautiful place to live, Cape Coral is a wonderful choice. If you’re a family looking to escape the weather of the great white north, and don’t care about how much in-town action there is, then Cape Coral should be on your list.

Neighborhoods in Cape Coral

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Coral Lakes


If you’re looking for a master-planned community check out Coral Lakes. Like many communities in the area, Coral Lakes is gated for security, and filled with big 4 and 5 bedroom homes and a roughly equivalent number of townhomes for smaller families, retirees or vacationers. The neighborhood has plenty of amenities for the kiddos, like volleyball courts, soccer fields and play areas. Many of the homes are on the water, as you’ll find throughout Cape Coral. If you want to go even more upscale check out West Cape Estates. The roads are cobblestone, the lots are big and many of the homes are on the community’s 2-acre freshwater lake. The neighborhood also has some homes with water access to the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Coral Lakes
  • West Cape Estates
  • Trafalgar Woods
  • Cape Royal

Cape Royal


So many of the gated communities in Cape Coral feel like 55+ neighborhoods you find in other cities that the options feel endless. Some are focused on the 55+ community and we’d recommend starting with Cape Royal. It’s a golf community with just 483 single-family homes, plenty of resort amenities, and a 27-hole championship golf course. There are year-round events, trips and community activities for those looking to be social.

  • Cape Royal
  • Gulf Coast Village
  • Highpoint