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Where Urban Edginess Meets Southern Charm



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I'm exactly where I want to be - we live out here on the James River outside Richmond. I have three ponds, and we catch the biggest, most beautiful bass you've ever looked at in your life. -Jimmy Dean

The Best Thing About Richmond?

Let’s go…The food and brewery scene.

Interesting Richmond restaurants continue to pop up each year, making this Virginia city a growing foodie destination! Any day of the week, Richmonders love to experience the finer side of dining. Oysters on the Half Shell and Seafood Paella at Rappahannock. Chicken Schnitzel or Boar Shank at Metzger Bar & Butchery. Creative breakfast classics with the Wavy Gravy at The Fancy Biscuit. Lump Crab and Scrambled Egg Enchilada at Millie’s Diner. We could go on and on. After you’re done dining locals like to finish things off with a Pumpkin and Salted Caramel Pie from Proper Pie Company.

Also, Richmond = Breweries. Richmonders can’t get enough of the 30 Breweries all with very diverse atmospheres. Stopping in at just one or two is enough to see why Richmond is one of America’s top beer destinations. Grab a Bourbon Barrel GPS at Richmond Brew House & Tap Room or enjoy the diverse selection of IPAs, Hefeweissens, and more at The Veil Brewing Co. Sip on a Fresh Pair of Sambas or a Frozan Papaya Colada at The Answer Brewpub. Prefer hard ciders to beer? Sample varieties of apple ciders at Blue Bee Cider.

Here's a local with a review on living in Richmond:
Best of all, there’s stuff to do! Richmond is full of craft breweries, cideries, and distilleries, and the local restaurant scene is top notch (while remaining completely reasonable in price). There’s also a ton of outdoorsy things to do, especially down by the James River, with people hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, trail running or just hanging out on the rocks soaking up the sun. Downtown around VCU, the city is full of hipsters and could be seen as a smaller, east-coast version of Portland, OR or Austin, TX. The other huge advantage of Richmond is its geography. The city is in the center of the state, making day trips to places like mountains or to the beach possible. While traffic can get really bad going north, if you leave early enough and come back late enough, you can make DC or Baltimore a day trip as well.

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The Worst Thing About Richmond?

The uneasy marriage of new liberalism and historic racism

Virginia is home to America’s original contradiction – the peculiar juxtaposition of slavery and freedom. As the former capital of the confederacy, Richmond has tried to move from its past, while still preserving its history. 2020 brought protests on Monument Avenue and the subsequent removal of confederate statues. The city is embracing being a progressive leader on racial, social and economic issues.

Here are some notes from a transplanter on Richmond:
Times have definitely changed. There is more of a damn Yankee influence (northerners living down south). I am from NC and the racism is still there (except the major cities), and I see Richmond as the dividing line between North and South, in terms of attitudes.

Lifestyle of Richmond

In the city’s historic districts or the far West End neighborhoods

Richmond ranked #5 in the US Hipster Index. Hipsters are a subculture of 20- to 30-somethings who position themselves as non-mainstream pioneers; free-thinkers and non-conformist conformists. The city districts that give off that vibe are Scott’s Edition, Shockoe Bottom, The Fan and Church Hill. Each has their own unique qualities that people are drawn to. The Far West End, the most suburban area of Richmond, and the farther west you go, sidewalks and tight neighborhoods give way to sprawling newer developments that require residents to drive rather than walk to neighborhood amenities.

If you want to see what's happening in Richmond check out the calendar of events:

Why You Should Move Here Now?

The rising star of the south

Richmond is known for a lot of things -- the amazing views of the city from the James River, the rich history, the local cuisine, and the growing job market. The city was ranked at number 24 on the top 25 best places to live in the U.S., according to U.S. News and World Report. Top employers in the area include Capital One Financial Corp., VCU Health System Authority and the HCA Virginia Health System.

Richmond is a vibrant Southern city with a multitude of livable, walkable neighborhoods; a thriving foodie scene with amazing restaurants; an arts scene that will soon include a combination boutique hotel/art gallery; and a city landscape that includes numerous parks and locations for outdoor physical activities – hiking, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, among others.

Neighborhoods in Richmond

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Monroe Ward

Young Professionals

Monroe Ward is an incredible option for young professionals in the Richmond’s Downtown district. Amazing apartments and condos filled with a mix of students, young professionals, and families, it is perfectly walkable to tons of restaurants, bars and clubs. An added benefit is the ability to walk to work if you work in the downtown area. Just west of Monroe Ward is The Fan District. Home to VCU, with plenty of cheap and high-end food options, tons of bars and coffee shops and great live-music venues. The Fan District is a really interesting mix of young professionals, college students, and families living in the stunning 19th and early 20th-century homes.

  • Monroe Ward
  • The Fan District

The Museum District


If you want to live in the downtown area but get a bit of a reprieve from the VCU/Zoomer neighborhoods then look at The Museum District. Unique apartments, condos and homes built 100 years ago, it is filled with art and history. It also sits just a few minute walk from all the restaurants, bars and shops you could possibly need should you crave a bit more social spunk.

  • The Museum District



Bellevue is a great neighborhood for families. Located in Northside, the mature tree-lined streets protect beautiful historic homes. While only a 10-minute drive from downtown, Bellevue feels suburban. It’s also surrounded by two amazing green spaces; Bryan Park and Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden. These places provide tons of room to hike and bike as well as one of the country's most highly rated Public Gardens for when you’re feeling a bit more contemplative. Finally, you have great public schools and a small but great area for boutique shopping and interesting food options.

  • Bellevue
  • Church Hill
  • The Fan
  • Westham