College Station, Texas


Being a Redass Is a Good Thing Here!

The Best Thing About College Station?

Inexpensive College Town Lifestyle

College towns have experienced a sharp rise in costs over the last decade as everyone from youngsters, families and retirees realized these are often great places to live. College Station has many of the perks of other college towns but the cost of living has remained wonderfully low. Not just for rentals but also for buying a condo or starter or luxury home.

If you're interested in a local's point of view:
It is a really good town to raise a family in. The schools are fantastic and it is considered pretty safe. I hear about a lot of people who choose to raise family here. I rent a duplex in a "cheap" area of CS, and all weekend long the quiet street I live on is full of young kids playing as about half of the duplexes house families.

The Worst Thing About College Station ?

The Heat

There are a few things you’ll hear people complain about in College Station: progressives think it’s too conservative and conservatives claim those damn youngsters are too liberal as an example. When it comes right down to it though the most common complaint about is the scorching heat. The worst part locals say is the humidity. While Texas varies in terms of humidity, College Station gets it without mercy.

A local's notes about the heat and fashion:
Honestly? there's only so much you can do. This is coming from an Australian so I've had a lot of experiance with the heat… Pretty much if I wear anything more than short chino shorts, a t-shirt and converse lows, ill survive for ~30mins before I'm dripping in sweat and on the verge of heat stroke.

I end up giving up the fashion game for 6 months of the year as its utterly useless to even try and mix things up. Some climates are lucky enough to break out a jacket/long sleeve on a cool summer's night… but not ours… my long pants and jackets can be in long term storage during summer for all I care, I'm just never gonna need them.

Lifestyle of College Station

The events and culture of Texas A&M play a big role in the life of locals in College Station. Sports are HUGE here and so expect crazy crowds filled with pride and energy on game day. Football is king but other sports, men’s and women’s are a big deal and the school has plenty of arts and cultural events available to locals. Families love College Station, just like most college towns, because the area is safe, there is lots to do here for kiddos, and the schools are excellent. While young professionals will find the culture a bit boring (compared to bigger cities) for families it is kind of a paradise.

If you want to see what locals do for fun in College Station check out the calendar of events:

Workstyle of College Station

The primary complaint about working in College Station is the wages. A massive student body that will work for minimum wage drives down earnings for service/retail/blue collar jobs. The biggest employers in the area are Texas A&M and the School Districts of College Station and Bryan. If you’re working in education this is a good city. Outside of education there is a big health system and some energy and emerging tech. For a town that is 3 to 4 hours from another big city though you’re safest in education or health for backup in case your first gig doesn’t work out.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Save Dough in a College Town

If being in a college town is important to you, and you can work remotely (or are retired), and want to save money then College Station should be on your shortlist.