Pembroke Pines, Florida

The Pines

Florida is a very healing place.” — Burt Reynolds

The Best Thing About Pembroke Pines?

A Suburban Oasis

Most of southern Florida moves with all gas and no brakes. It can be hard for families to escape that many times. Enter Pembroke Pines as a potential solution to that problem. A denser suburb with solid public schools and a variety of shopping centers and great restaurants, Pembroke Pines provides everything a family in the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area might want. And we haven’t even mentioned the Florida weather yet.

Here's a local with their pov on Pembroke Pines:
Been here nearly 30 years and watched this community grow and prosper. The western end of the city is the newer part of town, but there are nice homes and condos all over. We have gated and non-gated communities, large homes and cozy townhouses, and many lots that are on lakes. We even have a pair of bald eagles that nest in the same tree every years for some time now, and no one bothers them.

Great shopping and entertainment venues are nearly, both in the city itself and nearby. Where you like the national brands or neighborhood bistros, we have tons of wonderful restaurants, featuring all types of custines. Both Miami International and Hollywood-Ft Lauderdale International Airports are about 30 minutes away, as well as the two largest cruse ports in the world (PortMiami and Port Everglades) are but a short drive way, as are the Florida Everglades, and the Florida Keys. Walt Disney World, Universal-Orlando, and the Kennedy SpacePort are but a few hours away.

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The Worst Thing About Pembroke Pines?

Not a lot of action

If you’re not a family, you’re probably better off living in Fort Lauderdale or closer to Miami. There aren’t the same type of employment opportunities in Pembroke Pines as there are in the towns and cities nearby. Perhaps more important to Floridians, there aren’t the same nightlife or social opportunities either. You might be surprised to hear that Pembroke Pines can also be a relatively long and traffic-filled drive from the shores that many transplants move to Florida to enjoy.

A local notes the drawbacks of Pembroke Pines:
Depends what you want. West Miramar and pines is nice, quiet, schools are good. If you are a young business professional without a kids or a family it’s not where you want to be. Literally zoned for families. The “coolest thing” you have locally is pembroke gardens for a couple bars and restaurants. Otherwise you’ll drive 20-25 minutes to FLL or MIA

Lifestyle of Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines is known for being a diverse family-friendly area on the quieter side of the action spectrum. Residents are often referred to as “tight knit” and “welcoming,” to some, but are also known for being a bit insular so it may take a bit to work your way in. Grocery stores and shopping centers are spread out, as are parks and good restaurants, so drives are, unfortunately, a necessity, as the sprawl and lack of public transit makes cars and humans inseparable. The city is built for families and retirees and those communities love it. If you're looking for a big night out you'll be driving the 30 mins to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.

If you want to see what's going on here check out the Pembroke Pines calendar of events:

Why You Should Move Here Now?

A Quiet Family Spot

If you’re a parent looking to move your family away from the hustle and bustle that southern Florida is notorious for, Pembroke Pines should be near the top of your list. If you want that suburban experience but also want to be a short drive to Miami and Fort Lauderdale put Pembroke Pines at the top of your list.