Tulsa, Oklahoma

Green Country

I'd rather be tipping cows in Tulsa, than hailing cabs here in New York.
-Carrie Underwood

The Best Thing About Tulsa?

An Interesting Mix

Many of the best things about Tulsa seem to be embedded in affordable family-friendly neighborhoods. While that might be true there is also an active downtown scene with plenty of arts, culture, music, festivals and tons of bars and restaurants That mix of family vibe and a social center for younger professionals make Tulsa a compelling place.

Here's a recent expat giving a point of view on living in Tulsa:
I moved away for work. I miss it. I'm in a much bigger city now, but it felt like there was more to do in Tulsa. There are three venues that feature household bands/names all within 6 or so blocks. Between those and the bars downtown, you can watch live music just about any time or find other cool places in walking distance. Riverside is always (when it's not 110 degrees or 10) full of people biking, running, playing volleyball, etc. It can be a little status driven, but not nearly as bad as a lot of bigger cities. It has a good balance of big and small as a city. Traffic is not much of a problem, you may see the same cast of characters out, but you'll get world class shows and very cool events (my favorite being Oktoberfest and Tulsa Tough).

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The Worst Thing About Tulsa?


If you ask locals many will complain about the poor roads but what it is more widely known for is the meth scene. Of course not all areas of the city are plagued by the scourge but nonetheless just know that Oklahoma in general and Tulsa in particular wrestle with clearing out the drug.

Lifestyle Of Tulsa

Much of Tulsa's lifestyle is as you might expect. It’s an amazing city for families. Kids are safe to ride bikes around their neighborhoods and play outside in yards and most of the parks. People are extremely friendly – so expect a dose of southern hospitality on day one.

There are however significant unexpected upsides: the arts scene is incredibly rich with a great opera, ballet and symphony offering as much culture as cities significantly larger. The music scene is also excellent with rock and blues acts consistently performing. Whether your tastes run to La Boheme or Justin Bieber it’s happening here. These performing arts venues are all surrounded by a growing foodie scene and plenty of upscale and casual bars/clubs for after the show.

Anyone interesting in seeing what the locals do for fun check out the calendar of events: https://www.tulsago.com/experience

Worklife of Tulsa

Tulsa was built on oil wealth and while there have been ups and downs in that industry in Tulsa it remains home to the headquarters of a number of oil-and-gas companies. A major economic diversification effort expanded the area into aerospace, finance, tech, media and manufacturing. While there are plenty of big businesses in Tulsa the bulk of employment comes from small businesses that make up 80% of the city’s companies. A number of the big corporations, like BOK Financial are in the Central Business District so for anyone looking to avoid the traffic and reputed poor drivers consider living near downtown.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Stretching A Buck

Tulsa is consistently rated one of the 10 most affordable cities in the country. It’s also often rated of the 10 best real estate markets due to a combination of affordable housing + the high percentage of homes that sell near their list price in case you need to move on. If you’re looking to move from a more expensive place and stretch your bucks in a mid-sized city with arts and energy Tulsa is a great option.