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I love Fayetteville. I like hills and vistas and hardworking people and fighting snow in winter and chiggers in the summer.
-Author: Ellen Gilchrist

Best Part About Fayetteville


Fayetteville is a great place to raise a military family. Not only is it known as a military town, it was also named the “World’s First Sanctuary for Soldiers and Their Families” in 2008. This means that, within the county, soldiers are to be provided with local services, ranging from free childcare to job placement for soldiers’ spouses. There may not be a ton to do, but activities in Fayetteville can be enjoyed by the entire family. If your family likes being outdoors, check out the Cape Fear River Trail or the Cape Fear River Botanical Garden. There are also a ton of festivals to enjoy in the summer and the beaches are only an hour and a half drive away!

Worst Part About Fayetteville


Looking at the statistics, the crime rate in Fayetteville cannot be ignored. Violent crime rates in Fayetteville are double both the North Carolina and National Median. You’ll hear a very divided view of Fayetteville from both current residents and past residents. Some people swear up and down it’s the worst place they’ve lived, while the current residents seem to have a more rational view. If you talk to a local, they’ll tell you to take steps like making sure to lock your doors at night and not to leave any valuables in your car. Overall, the sentiment seems to be that things are getting better, but the numbers are still something to consider.

Local's pov on Fayetteville:
*Having lived in NYC about half of my life, far east of the city on Long Island for most of the rest of it, and Fayetteville for half a decade, I can’t see anything here that’s worse than anywhere else in the US. Do we have loads of strip clubs? Sure, but didn’t it take decades for NYC to clean up the sex-in-the-street trade? Parts of Long Island are even worse.

About the only thing Fayetteville has that most other cities don’t is the US Army. But that doesn’t change anything - some cities that have never seen a soldier are worse. And who cares if a customer in Walmart is wearing fatigues?*

Lifestyle of Fayetteville

Fayetteville is, above all else, a military town. A high proportion of residents work for defense, at either Fort Bragg or Pope Army Airfield. With such a high proportion of residents enlisted, it makes sense that it would seep into the everyday life of the city. It’s a very diverse city with a focus on family and family-friendly activities. The median age of residents is 30 years old and, yes, the military also affects the dating pool. Most of the people you find on dating apps or gasp in person will either be involved with the military or moved to the city for someone who is.

If you want to see what happens in Fayetteville check out the calendar of events: https://www.distinctlyfayettevillenc.com/events/?bounds=false&view=list&sort=date

Workstyle of Fayetteville

Fort Bragg is the backbone of the local economy, being the top employer ahead of Cape Fear Valley Health System and Cumberland County Public School System. Besides Fort Bragg, there are 8 of the top 10 defense contractors located in the area including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Gruman, and others. The military brings in an almost unbelievable amount of money to the city and, by design, it is a huge retail destination.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Military Families

Fayetteville is a great place for currently enlisted or military veterans to call home. It has a small town feel and a lot of family-friendly activities to enjoy. There are plenty of neighborhoods that cater to different families' needs, whether you work on base and want a short commute, or you want to be near the action of downtown, there’s a space in Fayetteville you’ll be happy to call home.

Neighborhoods in Fayetteville

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Young Professionals

Young professionals looking to work and life in Fayetteville will have an easy time finding houses to rent if you want the extra space. If not, there are apartments in almost every neighborhood that will be close to amenities and the available nightlife.

  • Downtown
  • Hope Mills

Hope Mills

Young Families

Young Families will love the low cost of living and the peaceful feel of the city. These neighborhoods feature great homes, a close location to amenities and/or the base, as well as good schools.

  • Hope Mills
  • Spring Lake
  • Raeford


Established Families

Families have their pick of great neighborhoods in Fayetteville. You’ll definitely want to map out these neighborhoods for your commute, but all are spacious, diverse, and have decent schools for the growing brood. Rockfish is a good example of these neighborhoods/suburbs. With a blend of suburban and rural vibe it works for those who want to be on big land and feel apart from the city.

  • Rockfish
  • Eastover
  • Arran Hills
  • Westover