Springfield, Massachusetts

City of Firsts



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Massachusetts is the first state in America to reach full adulthood. The rest of America is still in adolescence.
-Uwe Reinhardt

Best Thing About Springfield

Top Education and Healthcare

Springfield is home to some top-notch health care and education. The city is part of what is known as the “Knowledge Corridor” that runs through the greater Hartford-Springfield area. It features a dense concentration of hospitals and over 29 universities and liberal arts colleges. This results in Springfield having a high proportion of residents with higher education and degrees, as well as a very impressive GDP exceeding $00 billion dollars a year. For this reason, Springfield is touted as having exceptional healthcare and education in the area.

Here's a local with a review on living in Springfield:
Springfield is one of the best places in the country to live. It is as historic as it gets. It has all the benefits of living in MA, without the costs associated with Boston. You have all 4 seasons, access to good schools(though not in Springfield proper for the most part), quick access to the ocean, Boston, NY, skiing, and all sorts of other activities. The state itself is among the most progressive, and provides many benefits for it's citizens.

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Worst Thing About Springfield


Springfield struggles with the quality of the public schools. Lots of families either go private or pick East Longmeadow right next door due to the higher ranking schools.

**Here's a local on how they handled the schools in Springfield: **
We moved out because of the schools. Specifically the high schools. If I had to move back to Springfield before my youngest finished HS, I’d put her in Pope Francis or another private school in the area.

Lifestyle of Springfield

Springfield is at the crossroads of 3 other, larger cities including Hartford, New York, and Boston. It’s known for education and healthcare, and has a high population of residents who hold degrees. Despite being very densely populated, the average commute is only about 20 minutes and on the weekends locals enjoy getting outside in the summer months in the various parks around the city. One possibly surprising fact about Springfield is that it has a very active nightlife scene and has dubbed one area “Club Quarter.” Home to many clubs, bars, music venues, it’s a popular area for younger and single crowds as well as being increasingly LGBTQ+ friendly.

If you want to check out what people get up to in Springfield check out the calendar of events: https://www.eventbrite.com/d/ma--springfield/events/

Workstyle of Springfield

Being a part of the Knowledge Corridor, it’s no surprise that education and health services reign supreme in Springfield. Following closely behind are trade and transportation, manufacturing, tourism and hospitality, and professional and business services. Due to the history of the city, it’s said to have a mature economy, fairing a little better during recessions than other larger cities and having less growth during bubbles. Many companies call Springfield home including MassMutual Financial Group, Merriam Webster, and American Hockey League headquarters are inside the city as well. Despite there being a fair amount of companies in the city, unemployment rates are higher than average. That being said, tech has become more and more prevalent in the area since the recession of 2008.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Affordable Housing

Springfield housing is much more affordable than its nearby counterparts. If you’re someone looking to get away from the harsh city-vibes of Boston, Springfield may be your perfect destination! You can enjoy the many outdoor parks and festivals, but beware the cold months! The northeast winters are no joke and you’ll want to be prepared!

Neighborhoods in Springfield

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McKnight Historic District

Young Professionals

With the many headquarters in Springfield, there are a lot of young professionals who call the city home. If you’re a young professional, you’ll want to take your commute into consideration, as well as cost of living. These areas are great for staying close to the action for weekend or weeknight adventures:

  • McKnight Historic District
  • Indian Orchard
  • Metro Center

East Forest Park

Young Families

Young Families will love the low house prices and the great schools in Springfield. These are neighborhoods that are walkable and are a short distance from amenities and nightlife.

  • East Forest Park
  • Forest Park
  • Upper Hill

Forest Park

Established Families

If you’re looking for space for your family to move around, look no further! There are plenty of more suburban areas in Springfield that keep you close to great schools and daily amenities.

  • East Forest Park
  • Forest Park
  • Sixteen Acres