New York City / Bronx, New York

Boogie Down

I have 100 percent Bronx pride, like it's a country, like I am the Bronx.
-Cardi B

The Best Thing About The Bronx?


The diversity of the population of The Bronx is amazing. Depending on your street you might have neighbors who are Dominican, Bengali, Nigerian, Albanian, Jamaican, Pakistani, Indian, Yemeni, Mexican or any other nationality. We also though mean the diversity of neighborhood experiences you can find. Every part of The Bronx is different and you can find homes with garages, driveways and lawns, you can find highrise apartment buildings and you can find palatial mansions in the upscale neighborhoods of Riverdale. It’s all here (and just a train ride from Manhattan).

Notes from a local on living here:
It's not for everyone. But it suits me fine. In fact I like it so much I don't want to talk it up too much and then have a whole bunch of people rushing in here. Let's see:
-Reasonable property taxes—a mansion in Riverdale is cheaper tax wise than a comparable home in Scarsdale for obvious reasons (5k vs 21k/year)
-Close to everything—it's easy to get on the highway to go to Jersey or CT. You can also get on the subway etc.
-Cultural diversity (especially with food)
-Reasonable rent sort of / Not so crowded in some places

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The Worst Thing About The Bronx?


Whether noise bothers you or not is going to depend on where you’re coming from. If you’re in Manhattan or Brooklyn and you move here then maybe it's no big deal. Or if you move to a part of The Bronx that is quiet then again, no big deal. However, much of The Bronx is big-city living. Loud trains, sirens, constant traffic, tons of people yelling, laughing, singing are all a part of the fabric of big chunks of the borough. If you want it quiet then stick to the far north of Bronx or Riverdale or steer clear of the area altogether.

Here's a local on living in the Bronx:
I still live in the neighborhood I grew up around and I agree the some people around the neighborhood are fucking terrible and then there are others who are good people who look out for each other. The dog shit however has always bugged me. I'm a dog owner and people praise me for picking up my dog's poop like it's some sort of weird thing. Gentrification is happening in some spots. Might take a while but it's slowly creeping in.

Lifestyle Of The Bronx?

Having noted how diverse the neighborhoods are in The Bronx it isn’t surprising that the lifestyles vary quite a bit. If you live in the northern Bronx then it can feel like you’re living in suburban Westchester County and your life will be pretty suburban but with easy-ish trips to Manhattan on trains. Your kids will ride yellow school buses and you’ll drive to the grocery store just like you would in Connecticut. Ditto if you live in Riverdale or Throggs Neck. All nice, pretty palatial neighborhoods that plenty of families enjoy for the beautiful homes and more quiet experiences for the kiddos. If you live in some areas of the South Bronx then you will experience more poverty, street crime and the kind of vibe that has plagued the borough for decades. And in between the quiet, suburban-style neighborhoods and the rougher South Bronx style blocks, sit plenty of middle-class areas that many families and couples call home.

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Why You Should Move Here Now?

Between Two Worlds

The Bronx sits between Manhattan and Westchester County (and the beauty of northern suburbs/New York State). While it is for sure its own powerhouse of culture and commerce and costs a heck of a lot less than Manhattan one of its great selling points is how simply you can head into Manhattan or head up to Westchester or points north, far easier than you can from anywhere else. It is perfectly positioned between these two worlds.