Oxford, Mississippi

The Velvet Ditch

I felt sorry for all these millions of people here (New York City) because they don’t live in Oxford.
-William Faulkner

The Best Thing About Oxford?


In Oxford, you get a truly tight-knit community. A place where everyone comes together for a wide range of high-energy and relaxed events. Be it in the vibrant bar and nightlife scene, the many churches of a variety of Christian denominations, or of course the devoted and enthusiastic fanbase of the University of Mississippi’s football team, Oxford prides itself on being an old school southern community where everyone knows everyone and everyone always has time to greet you with a smile and a friendly word.

In the words of one local:
I grew up in Oxford and loved it. Still love going back. Great restaurants, lots of community events on and off campus. Nice square. Good schools if you have kids, both in Oxford and Lafayette County.

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The Worst Thing About Oxford?

Student Noise Pollution

Fittingly enough for a college town that is as centralized around its university as Oxford is, the Ole ‘Miss party scene is equal parts legendary and infamous. Particularly due to Greek Life at the university being highly popular, many houses and apartments surrounding the school are saturated with undergraduate students who are not afraid to make some noise while they are having a good time. Please be mindful of this before moving to Oxford, especially if you want to live within city limits near school or in a student-dominated apartment complex.

Here's a local who loves Oxford noting the college kids occasionally being an issue:
Oxford’s a nice place, the only reasons I could think people not wanting to live there would be the cost of living, or if you don’t want to deal with college kids. Those are the only two reasons I could think of. The square’s a pretty neat place, great food, fun bar culture, some good live music, but it does get pretty packed on weekends. I went to State, and I love Starkville, but I’m not going to dog Oxford or really Ole Miss (I grew up out of state, the rivalry doesn’t run through my veins like some other people). I spent a good bit of time in Oxford and never really had a negative experience (outside of some drunk college kids, but that’ll happen around any University, and bar staff took care of those knuckleheads really quickly).

Lifestyle of Oxford

Oxford is accommodating to different lifestyles and all types live here. Graduates of the university often choose to settle in town, and many more retire here later in life, leading to a wide age range among the populace. The bar and nightlife scene is always in season; the university sports teams, particularly the football team, are treated with religious reverence locally; the Rowan Oak House, Square Books, the Lyric Theater, and Center for the Study of Southern Culture provide intellectual pursuits; and hunting, fishing, hiking, and kayaking are popular amongst local outdoorsmen. If you are willing to look, Oxford will have something for you.

Check out the town events calendar to get more details on the local happenings: https://visitoxfordms.com/events/

Worklife of Oxford

Oxford’s local economy is mostly about the university. While there are local businesses, many of them only offer entry level or service position jobs. Most of the jobs are in teaching, healthcare, or administration at Ole ‘Miss, or working at the local elementary and high schools. That said, Oxford has also taken it upon itself to improve its internet service for the community, meaning that the town has never been better for remote workers.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Small Town College Charm

If you are looking for an old school southern community that prides itself on local color and togetherness, then regardless of your stage in life you should take a look at Oxford.