Gilbert, Arizona


Welcome to Arizona, where summer spends the winter and hell spends the summer.

Best Part About Gilbert?

We Ain’t No CITY!

One of the interesting, and we think cool things about Gilbert is its insistence both philosophically and legally that it is a town and NOT a city. In fact, it is the most populous town in the entire U.S.of A. Why is this important or a good thing? Because Gilbert which is technically a suburb of Phoenix doesn’t want to be seen as a boring appendage of a bigger city and it isn’t so hungry to be a CITY that it stakes its claim on that status -- quite the opposite. That civic pride in being distinct and intimate feels important in a world of mindlessly growth-oriented suburbs and cities.

Now just being a town isn’t necessarily something to celebrate. Instead, what seems magical about Gilbert is how it maintains a small community energy but with a growing population. This is done in part through a vibrant series of events, mostly free, that bring everyone together in the town square. This includes a three-day festival called Gilbert Days, that celebrates the paving of Gilbert Road through downtown. Gilbert Days festivities include a carnival, a 5k and 1k run and an appearance of Santa himself. If they do that for the paving of the main street road imagine what they do the rest of the year!

Here's a passionate local with a pov on the town: Gilbert is a wonderful place to live. It's my favorite place in the valley. Yeah, it's not the greatest if you are young and want an active bar/club life. There might not be any in Gilbert (dunno; not my scene). But it's low-key, family friendly, has the best overall school district in the state, a responsive city government, relatively well situated, and lots of houses in lots of price ranges.

Worst Part About Gilbert?

Sweltering Heat

Come on, it’s Arizona. You had to know this was coming. If you aren’t up for extreme heat from May through September, when the redline crosses 100 degrees many days, then steer clear. That said, we should note that the people who live here are not immune to the heat, they’re just smart about it. Get stuff done in the morning, hide in the air conditioning in the afternoon and then get out again at night when it cools off a bit.

Here's a summary of the cons of Gilbert from a local: The smells (and blowing dirt right now with frequent construction) are fairly prominent in E Gilbert (Power/Recker). Another thing to watch out for is noise levels where there are lots of bars. I lived downtown for a few years until recently and Whiskey Row made it a nightmare. Certain pockets of East/southeast are poised to become destinations for stuff like that too.

Lifestyle of Gilbert

We talked earlier about the town-like vibe of Gilbert that manifests in lots of family-friendly communal activities. They certainly contribute to a warm lifestyle for the mostly families that live here.

Gilbert also has lots of parks for your kiddo’s recreation, and it’s a biker’s dream-town with a Central Trail System with over 135 miles of hiking and biking trails. It also has a skate park, an observatory, a Trapeze artist training facility, and for god’s sake a Wakeboard park. Who knew that was even a thing? It has such an interesting blend of things to do for just a “town” that your lifestyle here is going to include the options of a full-blown city but in the wrapper of a much smaller place.

Workstyle of Gilbert

Gilbert is only 25 or so minutes from Phoenix so plenty of residents commute into the big city -- at least they did pre-pandemic. Those working locally tend to work in either education or healthcare with some tech thrown in for good measure. The school districts are big employers as are local healthcare companies including Banner Health and Dignity Health.

Historically Gilbert has been more of a commuter city for Phoenix workers but the appeal of low housing prices, a great school system and compelling lifestyle are likely to pull in plenty of remote/wfh, pandemic movers.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Economical Living

Gilbert feels like a dream target for pandemic movers who want to escape California, Austin, Denver or any other place where prices have stretched beyond their budgets and want to settle down in someplace pleasant without the higher price tags. This might be particularly true if you’re looking for a generally more conservative population than some of the aforementioned states or cities possess. Gilbert was already growing at a fast pace pre-pandemic and we expect that pace to pick up speed as remote work becomes perennially available.