Bismarck, North Dakota

The Spot

The Best Thing About Bismark?

The Peace (and quiet)

Bismarck is a quiet peaceful place with low crime rates and an extremely tight-knit family-friendly community. People here are conservative by national standards and protect their own. There have been only a few murders through the years and many here and throughout North Dakota leave their front doors open without much fear of being robbed. If you want to escape the noise and perhaps progressive policies of bigger cities then Bismarck could be a good choice.

Here's a local's pov on what's nice about Bismark: I love walking the bike/walking paths we have in Bismarck and Mandan. They are paved and you get an opportunity to see more of the city and the landscape. We have some great parks in town besides the one near the zoo and amusement park (tourist attractions). Cottonwood Park is especially nice for a walking path and scenery and you can also fish there. The lake is stocked in the spring. The playground is great and there are ball fields. If you like antique stores we have Antiques on main which is really fun.

The Worst Thing About Bismarck?

The Calm Before The Storm

If you’re considering North Dakota then you’re got to know about the bitter cold right? So what’s the point of talking about it? Better to reinforce for those coming from a great distance, both geographically and perhaps politically, that a small town like Bismarck is very conservative and happy to be so. If you move in and try to disrupt or change the town you will likely encounter a storm of unpleasantness. This isn’t Park City or Boulder or other mountain towns, with outdoor cultures, that are more welcoming to progressive Californians. If that’s your thing, then avoid this town. No judgment but just know what you’re getting yourself into moving here.

Here's a long-time local's pov on what's rough about Bismark: A lot of snow and high winds. Coldest state in the country state side. Up to negative fifty degrees. Norwegians and Germans were the main immigrants the first 100 years of the state’s founding. Immigrants of other ethnicities (not including the Native Americans) began immigration around the year 2000 including from all United States, not including the surrounding 3 states and Canada. No one before that time really mass migrated to this state which makes it a state with little to no cultural diversity.

Lifestyle of Bismarck

As was noted, life in Bismarck is peaceful. It’s a family-focused city/town with a bar and restaurant scene in the downtown area that keeps locals fed and filled with beer as needed. The real benefit to living here is raising your children in a safe, nice, small town with good schools, great parks, plenty of walking trails and friendly people who will support locals like their own family.

If you're interested in seeing what's going on in Bismark check out the calendar of events:

Why You Should Move Here Now?

You Need A Break

If you’re conservative and need to flee a more progressive part of the world, ready to save some money, can work remotely and don’t mind brutal winters then Bismarck could be your spot. If any of those things sound wrong to you then do not move here.