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In Missouri, where I come from, we don't talk about what we do - we just do it. If we talk about it, it's seen as bragging. -Brad Pitt

The Best Thing About Springfield?

Not the Ozarks from Netflix

The big metro for southwest Missouri, Springfield, is more of a city than you might expect to find in this part of the country. Downtown Springfield is home to the same variety of restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment opportunities, and sports stadiums that you might expect to find in much bigger cities. Springfield is also home to a few different universities, and its growing job market makes it a destination for younger folks in the area as well.

Here's a lifer with their strong reco for living in Springfield:
I've lived here my whole life. The best part is…well. All of it. The cicadas chirping in the trees and swimming in the creeks in the summer. To all the restaurants. From the “steering wheel waves" on the outskirts of town. To the snowflakes hung along National st during Christmas. Reasonable rent/mortgage rates. Of course theres pros and cons to any city. But the history of queen city is interesting, and makes for a sentimental choice.

For more reviews of what living in Springfield is like from locals check out: The Buzz

The Worst Thing About Springfield?

Not a Seamless Blend

With that being said, city life and southwest Missouri don’t always mix perfectly in Springfield. The city is often described by residents as dirty, not just on account of its appearance, but because of the other people that live there as well. Some residents describe their neighbors as racist, sexist, and toxically masculine, while others complain about the city’s major homelessness problem, high crime rates and drug issues. Some residents complain that the police department is underfunded and others complain that there’s an NRA Museum attached to the local Bass Pro Shop. It’s a strange mix.

Here's a transplant on the culture of Springfield:
I do think it's hard to find accepting, progressive people in Springfield, and even in my social circles, I regularly find myself having to hold my tongue and even my breath to keep from frustrated rambling regarding politics and religion. I feel like many people in Springfield are scared--of talking to strangers. When I'm in Chicago, it's pretty normal to chat with people in line at a coffee shop or get to know someone over breakfast in a cafe. When I'm in San Francisco, I almost can't get the people in the cafe to stop talking to me. When I'm at the Mudhouse in Springfield, I often can't get the person at the next table over to even make eye contact.

Lifestyle of Springfield

Not to beat a dead horse here, but life in Springfield will largely be determined by your ideologies and preferences upon moving to the area. Often nicknamed the “Queen City of the Ozarks,” Springfield provides residents with a variety of outdoor opportunities both on land and in the water. Downtown Springfield is, again, home to the same variety of restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment opportunities, and sports stadiums that you might expect to find in much bigger cities. The St. Louis Cardinals’ minor league baseball team plays right in the heart of downtown. Festivals like Cider Days, Artsfest and the Birthplace of Route 66 Festival are also major draws for locals.

If you want to see what people do for fun and culture in Springfield check out the calendar of events: https://www.springfieldmo.org/events/

Workstyle of Springfield

Big name corporations like Bass Pro Shops, BKD and O'Reilly Auto Parts all call Springfield home and employ a lot of local residents. Industry wise, financial services, manufacturing and healthcare are all big in the Springfield area.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Balance Between Big and Little

Current residents of small town Missouri that are looking for some big city amenities could do a whole lot worse than Springfield. On the flip side, big city folk that miss their small town roots may find that Springfield strikes a balance. As long as you don't mind a strikingly conservative populace you should be able to find a place in Springfield.

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Living in Springfield, MO

Neighborhoods in Springfield, MO

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Young Professionals/College Students

Downtown Springfield is where young professionals call home. Tons of cool loft and apartment options all within walking distance of downtown businesses means you can be here and not use your car if you so choose. There are also plenty of eating and drinking options (cocktails and coffee) also a short walk away so you can live, work and play without ever getting in a car. While there are apartment/loft options that don’t allow college students, Downtown Springfield does house plenty of students from Missouri State so the vibe is definitely jumping.

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Roundtree is a wonderful neighborhood for families. It’s locally well known for an amazing Halloween celebration that includes a big parade. It’s also popular for how easy it is to walk to everything including the local restaurants, cafes and ice cream shop. Finally, it is lined with large historic American Foursquare homes that give the neighborhood its close-knit vibe. Emerald Park is another perfect option for families. The streets are lined with stunning stone and brick homes, tree-lined streets, beautiful yards and a great park, gym and grocery store so you can stay local most days.

  • Roundtree
  • Emerald Park
  • Olde Ivy
  • Midtown

Creekside at Elfindale


Springfield is ranked one of the top 10 cities to retire in the Midwest so if you’re considering it look closer. Start your search in the community known as Creekside at Elfindale. 62 beautiful wooded acres where residents can choose independent cottages or apartments on what feels a bit like a campus. The neighborhood lives like its own city with a lodge that contains dining rooms, ice cream parlor, library, exercise facility, banking, salons, gardens and pretty much anything else you need. Tera Vera is another gated community for 55+ you should put on your list to checkout. The central management system takes care of maintenance and landscaping and you just get to enjoy the apartment homes that line the independent living subdivisions.

  • Creekside at Elfindale
  • Tera Vera