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Folsom Historic District
Folsom Historic District
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Folsom Bridge
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Johnny Cash Trail
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Folsom Park



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The Best Thing About Folsom?

The Schools

This is a tough call as Folsom has a lot going for it including an amazing outdoor culture with tons of bike trails, direct access to Folsom Lake and just a short drive to Lake Tahoe. However, we have to give the nod to the A rated school system, particularly when Folsom High and Vista Del Lago High School jump up to an A+ rating on There are other cities in the area with a hardcore outdoor culture but these schools, particularly at the high school level are really top of the class and a big draw for families moving to the area.

The Worst Thing About Folsom?

Keeping Up With The Jones

For families moving to the area from San Francisco or Berkeley or Los Angeles this issue might seem silly given the significantly lower cost of housing in Folsom relative to those pricier cities. Nonetheless, Folsom has a reputation for being a “fancier” town than its neighbors and there is a sense you have to keep up with the spending to feel good about living here. Plenty of locals protest this reputation and recommend moving here and just ignoring it but just know ahead of time that there is a bit of a more upscale vibe to the city.

Lifestyle of Folsom

Outdoor Play

Folsom has a very popular Historic District that pulls in tourists and locals looking for a meal and a drink. Folsom is more suburb than city though so much of the lifestyle revolves around families getting their kids to school, participating in tons of sports and extracurricular activities, and doing lots of stuff with their neighbors in very tight-knit neighborhoods. Nightlife and culture for most comes from driving the 30 mins to downtown Sacramento. That’s where the best restaurants, theater (we mean performing arts theater) and museums reside. A night out for a burger and a beer works just fine in Folsom. Want something more highbrow and you’re making that drive.

The real lifestyle is about the outdoor experiences in and near
Folsom. The city sits on Folsom Lake, a beautiful reservoir with beaches, boating, fishing and pretty much everything else you can do on the water (except surfing). Folsom also has one of the best Northern California bike trail systems so if that’s your thing you’ll love it here. Finally you’re just and hour and 20 mins from Lake Tahoe so skiing/snowboarding and all the snow you could ever want is a short drive from home.

Schools of Folsom

All A's

Folsom is part of the Folsom-Cordova School District and as was noted it is an excellent school system, rating an A on

What’s nice about the schools is that they’re all A rated so you can’t do wrong in picking a neighborhood. Folsom also has plenty of private/religious options that are well reviewed but dang, these public schools are top notch.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

A Break From The Bay

If you live in one of the major cities in the Bay Area then it is very likely you struggle with 1) Housing Prices 2) Public Education 3) Common big city struggles. While we love big cities we’re also sympathetic with these struggles and Folsom is a panacea for many of them. Housing is cheaper (albeit expensive relative to some neighboring cities), the school system is kick-ass and finally you’re going to eject a lot of the struggles many try to escape by leaving SF/Oakland/Berkeley etc. If you’re ready to hit the road and head east then Folsom is a great option.

Neighborhoods in Folsom

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The Parkway


The Parkway is the picture of suburban, master-planned community bliss. It has 3 fun and active multi-use parks, the sidewalks are busy with families out walking their dogs and the kiddos are always playing in the well-manicured yards (many homes with pools).
The community features 240 acres of open space, and 15 miles of nature trails, all guarded by private security so families feel incredibly safe raising their children here. Median home prices are a bit high at $750k+ but again, if you’re coming from the Bay Area these prices are still a bargain.

Briggs Ranch


Briggs Ranch is a master-planned community that is dreamy for the most outdoorsy families. It’s walking distance to Folsom Lake, Folsom Point, & BT Collins Park so whether your tastes run to getting out on the water or onto the trails you’ll find it here. The blocks are much loved for the rolling hill topography which for a master-planned neighborhood can be quite rare. The neighborhood is also well known for the massive oak trees that line the blocks and yards. Median home prices run up above $800k but for families that crave raising their kiddos amidst the water and hills it’s an ideal neighborhood.



We talked about home prices being more reasonable in Folsom than the big cities but Hillcrest is the high-end community that defies that description. The median home price is $1.5m so this is a legit luxury community. Hillcrest sits in the popular Empire Ridge area and comes with miles of nature trails, tons of parks and play areas, private security and the topper – the 18-hole Empire Ranch golf club.
Hillcrest is also incredibly convenient with the wonderful Palladio Shopping Center and the excellent Vista Del Lago High School walking and biking distance for you and the kiddos.



Broadstone is the largest and one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Folsom with a median price of ~$630k but also has homes in the $400k-$500k range . It has tons of the same amenities as the fancier spots, including miles of walking trails, great multi-use parks, including Livermore Community Park, with a Football Field, Lacrosse Field, Sand Volleyball, Soccer, Softball and tons and tons of open space for general play. The neighborhood is also home to [Broadstone Sports Club(, a multi-use community sports space with Olympic-size pools and wonderful exercise and group sports facilities.