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What's it like to live in Windsor?

Moving to Healdsburg or Windsor

Hey there fellow upper right-er!

Moved to Sonoma County from Connecticut just over three years ago, and I've lived in Sonoma, Kenwood and now Sebastopol.

You're moving to a pretty killer spot if you end up in Healdsburg or Windsor. You'll be about 30 minutes from the coast and surrounded by more places to hike and be outside than you can possibly count. I can't get enough of the hiking trails in the Sonoma Valley. Places like Sugarloaf and Annadel are incredible.

The beer here isn't too bad either. You have Russian River in Windsor and Santa Rosa, Lagunitas in Petaluma (about 15-20 minutes down the road) and tons of different little craft spots to satisfy your need for a brew. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Moonlight and Henhouse.

I've never had too much trouble meeting folks out here (pre-COVID). There are tons of meetup groups that are active, the bar scene is pretty diverse and there's quite a few younger people working in the wine industry. Just keep your eye out for the tourists… there'll be a ton of them once we open back up.

Now for the downsides: the fires can be very prevalent during the summer. Get that go-bag ready.

Housing is expensive too. If you're looking for a one bedroom, you should plan a modest chunk of income for rent. Especially if you wanted to live in a trendy area like down by the square in Healdsburg. You might have a little more luck in Windsor for something affordable and Santa Rosa is the cheapest by far.

Cool brotha', if you're ever down to grab a beer and listen to some Phish when this whole thing is over, you've got a kindred spirit in the county.

Moving to Healdsburg or Windsor

Wal-mart/Home Depot are in Windsor, and the other sort of businesses you might expect based on that. Basically Windsor is the outskirts of Santa Rosa and there is the highway and convenient shopping. Also if the last couple years are any indication, wildfires. So from summer through early winter might keep a bag prepped as there is a good chance you will be evacuated at some point. (we were evacuated twice in 2020). I'm lucky in that I rent from a friend and haven't tried anywhere else, so not sure what others are paying, so not much help there. Might try google maps and zoom in and have a look around.

Living In Windsor Ca - Everything You Need To Know (VLOG TOUR)

Moving to Healdsburg or Windsor

Born and raised in the area and down in LA now myself. Given the above, I think you'd be in a good position. It does at times feel remote from other people our age, but thankfully San Francisco/Oakland is only a short drive away. There are healthy bar scenes in Santa Rosa, Petaluma and Cotati (when SSU is in session) but even if that's not your thing there are definitely other social things to do (20/30 club, wine tasting groups, etc. Wednesday Night Markets in SR). In terms of location, I think stick close to Santa Rosa, Windsor, or Petaluma for the younger crowds. Otherwise you're mostly going to find families and older couples. Petaluma is a bit of a commute though. The nature though is truthfully the selling point for me. Living in LA, I never take it for granted whenever i'm home. I could go on and on… happy to answer any questions!