Windsor, California

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Downtown/Town Green Village

Young Professionals/Empty Nesters/Retirees

While Windsor is a small town, the energy of Downtown/Town Green Village draws young professionals that choose to live north of Santa Rosa as well as empty nesters and retirees who want to live in a beautiful, albeit small downtown with lots happening to keep them entertained. There are single family homes in the area but also plenty of condos and apartments for those looking to rent or downsize. As was noted there is a never-ending series of events happening in the Town Green and plenty of good restaurants, bars and boutique shopping to keep you occupied.

Lakewood Hills


If you’re craving a family-focused gated community kind of experience then check out Lakewood Hills. You get beautiful single-family homes, tree-lined streets with big yards, walking paths, tennis courts, a swim center and fishing and water sports on two private lakes. It’s also located on the western side of the city so you have easy access to towns like Guerneville and even better, the Pacific Ocean.

East Windsor


East Windsor is a mix of families, professionals and retirees. Single-family homes at slightly better prices than other Windsor neighborhoods, townhomes and condo/apartment options means families, and SINKs/DINKs can all find a place to live here. You get a break from the energy of Old Downtown here if you want a bit quieter of a pace but there's plenty of parks like Lakewood Meadows, Pleasant Oak, and Robbins means there is tons of room for the kiddos to run, bike and play. East Windsor also has its own commercial options for dining and shopping and excellent public schools so families love the neighborhood.