North Las Vegas, Nevada

Old Town

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Young Professionals

North Las Vegas is great for young professionals looking for a more quiet area and the opportunity to purchase their first home or condo. It won’t have the nightlife that people think of when you say “Vegas!” but that’s kind of the beauty of it!

  • Craig Ranch Park
  • Centennial and 5th
  • Downtown


Young Families

If you’re looking to settle down in North Las Vegas you’re going to love the low home prices, compared to Henderson or surrounding areas. You can get a lot of home for cheap, but keep an eye on your commute. While the north side of the city is super nice, if you work anywhere near the Strip you’ll be in for a headache of a morning drive.

  • Aliante
  • Northridge
  • Craig Ranch Park

Sierra Ranch

Established Families

Families with older kids are going to like the huge homes for the great prices. If you’re relocating with your family, you really don’t want to get into some crazy bidding war and dip into your oldest’s college savings. These houses may have sparse landscaping, but that just means you can really appreciate the desert atmosphere (and no Joe from the HOA complaining that your grass is overgrown).

  • Aliante
  • Sierra Ranch
  • Centennial Hills

Sun City Summerlin


If you're retired and relocating from someplace like the Bay Area or Los Angeles North Las Vegas is the place. New homes run $300k vs. multiple millions plus in the other West Coast cities. Access to great restaurants, golf, warm weather and serious healthcare.

  • Sun City Summerlin
  • Spanish Hills
  • Los Prados