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What's it like to live in North Las Vegas?

Living in North Las Vegas?

There's nothing wrong with North Las Vegas- you just need to go further north than that. I would NOT move to where you said, but north of Craig Rd is cool. Near the VA Hospital is cool. Ann, Tropical, Centennial…. all are fine. The Aliante area is nice. Maybe look for a townhome to stay within your budget?

There's a lot of new development going on in North Las Vegas right now. If you look at a map, there's a highway that almost fully loops around Las Vegas. In the north almost all the land within that loop has been or is being developed, and a lot of the infrastructure to expand past that highway is almost ready to go(big and wide ass overpass that are dead ends)- they're just waiting on the green light to move forward. That will be coming very soon I think. I agree with another comment that mentioned a lack of amenities and things to do. I feel like it's sort of at an awkward phase right now where all these houses are being built, but businesses and restaurants are sort of lagging behind and need to catch up. It seems to be mainly chains and big national brands that are opening up first and I hope some smaller, niche, mom and pop places will open eventually. Like, there are a lot of really cool and unique restaurants in Vegas. I usually have to travel to other areas if I want to eat at a place like that. It's mainly all big restaurant chains so far.

Stay away from the air force base. It's loud as fuck.

What's the deal with North Las Vegas?

You just described everything wrong with that area. My house in a nice area of NLV is larger, probably bigger back yard with pool/spa/waterfall, and $900/mo on a THIRTY YEAR mortgage. Friends with all my neighbors - they watch my home and take care of my animals when I'm out of town. I'm the problem child of the street with a ton of guests, late night parties, and crazy get togethers. Yet never have an issue cause my neighbors and I are so friendly they will just come over with food any time I have guests and hang out too.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is the hate on NLV is unwarranted, the hate on the shitty parts of it is warranted, as they are pretty bad. But I hate to break it to you guys but every city in the valley has a pretty nasty area in it. Yes NLV did suck before they expanded it so far north, that area was to be the "next Summerlin", but in reality it is nicer than almost all of the rest of the valley. I'm not saying that based on word of mouth, I have a very large social circle that covers almost everywhere in town. NLV has a bad rep from 10 years ago, and because of a few areas, but the city itself is huge and covers more of an area than most of the other cities in the valley.

What's the deal with North Las Vegas?

Because generalizing "north las vegas" as all bad is ignorant and stupid. The NorthWest portion of that city is literally far nicer and more bang for the buck than anywhere else in the valley, including all of Summerlin and Henderson and even the SouthWest which is a terrible commute to anywhere. Nothing in the far NorthWest was built prior to 2005, has the highest property value growth per year, and the cheapest price per square foot of home. You really can't go wrong. And OP said they are looking at the NorthWest.

What's the deal with North Las Vegas?

My girlfriend lives off of ann rd and el camino del norte and it's nice when you get that far north. It's more the southern and eastern parts of N Las Vegas that have most of the crime. But, Las Vegas isn't like other cities that have a specific area that's bad. You can have one neighborhood that's almost crime free and then a mile down the road is like living in a slum. If you stick with northwest you shouldn't have to be as concerned as if you were living centrally or on the east side.

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