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What's it like to live in Menifee?

Menifee is actually a nice city

I recently relocated to Menifee from Los Angeles. I got a job offer to stay in Los Angeles but also got one in Menifee for more money and decided with the already lower cost of living here to go for it. I prepared myself for the stark difference between the city life and desert suburbia and did lots of reading on this very subreddit and, to be honest, from everything I read I began to regret my decision.

But I am here today to say Menifee is actually nice! Like I said, I did “research” on this subreddit to find out more about Menifee and it didn’t get a great rep. People actually were telling others not to move here. But having been here a month I’m happy with my decision.

You are literally (depending on the time you leave of course) an hour from Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Lake Arrowhead*, San Diego, and Orange County. Most of the shopping centers are brand new so they’re nice and well kept and we have all the staples. Coming from LA I can actually say there are some good restaurants here. There’s always a new store or restaurant popping up. I feel very safe here (ofc there are some neighborhoods like any city you don’t wanna be in at night) and the streets and sidewalks and parks are always clean. People are noticeably nice. Cost of living is more affordable.

I work in real estate and have been looking into the housing market here and people who bought here even just a year ago could already sell their house for 10% more than they bought it. With all the new stores and shops and the influx of new residents it’s a great time to buy here. (Edit: Great time to buy here, in Menifee specifically)

Now, obviously, there isn’t a ton to actually do. If you wanna see a movie or go bowling you have to go to Temecula. If you wanna go to a fun bar or club you gotta head to Riverside. But I’m confident in a couple years Menifee will have all of that, too. This city is developing like CRAZY. And the fact is, you can live in Menifee for much less and still have a short drive to those entertainment spots in those cities.

I’m in my early 20s, so yeah I miss my city nightlife sometimes but I would highly recommend Menifee to young families or even young professionals like me who are okay with a short commute for a fun night out.

I think in 5 years Menifee will be a truly desirable city to live in!

Edit: Lake Arrowhead not Big Bear

Moving to Menifee

Affordable and beautiful homes (more affordable than surrounding towns)
Great weather if you like the heat
About an hour away from everything
Very little crime
Decent schools

Vast majority of people are conservative (I am liberal, so it's difficult sometimes)
I hear commuting is really bad, unless you go in to work at odd times (I work remotely)
Beach is pretty far and on some days the traffic can make the trip difficult
Only a few non-chain restaurants that are good
Asian groceries are difficult to come by (have to go to Temecula for that)

Moving to Menifee

It's growing a lot, it's up almost 20% since I moved here in 2010, and it's a nice town. Don't underestimate what everyone says about the heat, it's no joke. I moved from Carlsbad, and used to think San Marcos was warm and Escondido was hot, but this is another level. This year is unusual for how cool it is. Usually by May it's high 90's / low 100's, and by mid July it'll get to the 110's for several weeks and won't really let up til about October. But that said, the houses are nice, the yards are big, and the entertainment options grow all the time.

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