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What's it like to live in San Francisco?

Is moving to San Francisco worth it despite the high cost of living?

It depends. It depends on a lot of things, like how old you are, what field you are in and how ambitious you are. It depends on how willing you are live with roommates when you are in your twenties and how much things like live music, great food, bars and access to single members of your selected sex are to you. Like most things in the US, it depends on what race you are. It depends on your sexual orientation. It depends on how much money you have already.

San Francisco is the most Asian big city in America. It is the most gay friendly city in America. It is the heart of the technology movement, which has generated 1000s of millionaires. There are more Michelin star restaurants than New York City, which is 10 times its size. It is also the heart of vast income inequality and suffering. You will see homeless every day if you work in an office like most people.

Is San Francisco/Bay Area a good place to live nowadays?

The media is hysterical; that's their job. the bay area is still great even though it has challenges. San Francisco is great even though it has challenges. no, there is not shit and needles covering every sidewalk in the city. yes, there are problems with both in some areas., most of which are pretty easy to avoid. do we wish that just once we could get a competent government to deal with a lot of the structural issues? yes. is it the dystopian hell that republicans -- especially ones who have never even been here -- want to hype up? no. considering they have issues with homelessness in their enclaves too, it shows they don't have any better ideas.

Is San Francisco/Bay Area a good place to live nowadays?

I think it depends. All the things everyone has been saying about the income inequality are absolutely correct; the housing market is bonkers and you do have to have a fairly fat income to live the classic American middle-class lifestyle. I work a state government job and have lots of student debt, and if I wasn’t in a relationship with someone who makes a lot of money and paid off all of their loans, I would never be able to live in a house.

But, it depends on what you want. It’s totally feasible to live in an apartment, even one that’s close to the heart of the city. Public transit hasn’t shrunk or grown much, so what you remember about how easy/hard it is to get around is basically the same. For the most part, most of the great beautiful amazing things in the city haven’t permanently closed or fallen into decrepitude due to COVID, certainly not as many as I feared. Drinks and meals cost about the same as they do in most other big affluent cities.

Obviously, COVID changed a lot, but I’ve come to appreciate the city so much more since being stuck at home all the time. I’ve taken so many walks and drives and have a truly renewed appreciation for SF history, architecture, micro-climates/neighborhoods, natural features, etc. etc. It helps to be politically liberal since many policies that get discussed and implemented are social and environmental programs (though there’s still a long way to go in terms of using those programs to correct many of the destructive actions of the past). If San Francisco ever seemed like a place you’d want to be, you can still find that here.

How often do you think about moving out of San Francisco?

I love my house, my friend group, my neighborhood, most of my neighbors, my view, the weather, the local music scene, that there’s something different to do every day or night of the year, urban hikes and its walk-ability in general, some of the best healthcare you can get, that most local businesses will recognize you as a repeat customer and trust you enough to serve you after you forgot your wallet AGAIN, being the guinea pigs for new startups that promote laziness (Lyft, mobile vet services, restaurant delivery services and the like), free entertainment (beach bonfires, awesome parks to picnic & croquet in), proximity to the bay and the beach and redwood trees…

What it's really like to live in San Francisco (one year later)

my unfiltered, honest review of what life is actually like in SF.

not trying to sell you on the city, not trying to create any propoganda for San Francisco, just providing my lens of what your first year of living there may look like. i can't possibly speak for the hugely diverse array of voices in the city, just offering my perspective.

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