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What's it like to live in Cheyenne?

Young Professional, should I move to Cheyenne?

Cheyenne Native here…Post two from the linked submission by uselessjd is mine…

Cheyenne is by far not an exciting town for a young professional, especially a single male young professional. The outdoor activities you talk about are very important if you are to live here, in fact the climbing/hiking and mountain biking are things I am beginning to pick up simply to have something to do! And yes Vedauwoo is a wonderful place to do this, however, aside from Vedauwoo most of the nice places in Wyoming are far away. I think this is something people tend to not mention. Vedauwoo/Curt Gowdy State park are beautiful and fun but if want a change of pace you IN WYOMING you should expect a long car ride. Colorado is also much closer and has a wealth of things to entertain you.

I feel like an exciting day for most Cheyenne-folks would be going up to dell range to eat at Applebees. Maybe Olive Garden if they were feeling 'ethnic.' You will have trouble meeting people you want to hang out with

So very brutally true! That being said there is a night-life in Cheyenne, its just not fun. I should know I am frequently out at the bars because like you I still want to drink on weekends. If you end up here you will end up at the crown and you will know exactly what I mean…sadly I will probably also be there…probably.

Also, what area of town would be good to live in? It'd be nice to be able to walk to the bar/store/etc. instead of driving across town a lot. Are there neighborhoods/areas that cater to a younger group?

Best option here…Downtown. You will be able to walk to some bars but that's about it. For groceries etc… expect a drive. Simply no way of avoiding that, everything in this town is geographically separated. Almost all shopping is located on Dell Range Blvd…but I wouldn't recommend living there.

My other thought was to live in Ft Collins and commute to Cheyenne daily.

This is probably a good idea! In fact this coming summer I anticipate doing exactly that. Note that for me this means giving up a house I own and a 4 minute commute to work for an apartment and a 40-50 minute commute. Yet almost definitely still worth it!

It sounds like the highway closes sometimes during the winter and driving conditions can be kind of rough in the winter. Is this completely overblown on the internet, or is it a realistic concern?

I-25 the Interstate between Fort Collins and Cheyenne does in fact close on occasion, however, do note that it is a fairly RARE occasion. The conditions on this rode can be fairly treacherous but are not comparable to I-80 (Laramie to Cheyenne). Expect high wind, icy roads, and slow travel occasionally especially along the portion of I-25 in Wyoming. Reference- I work for the Department of Transportation.

All said and done there are SOME advantages to living here. Its very cheap and very easy to live here. You never need to worry about long commutes, you will never be in traffic for more than 10 minutes, you can purchase a decent home for less than most people pay for rent, and overall the people here, although on occasion ignorant and uncultured, are typically very your face.

Need your help in deciding to move to Cheyenne

27m here. I’ve been living in Cheyenne for 5 years now. The weather is a bit extreme, but not unbearable. The town has all that you need for day to day life. No worries about traffic jams or crime, for the most part. There are a lot of good paying jobs. Relatively low cost of living. People are nice and will lend a helping hand. Hour and a half drive to Denver, and 40min drive to Ft. Collins. I honestly enjoy it here. I travel all over the US for work and I’m always glad to come back to Cheyenne.

Edit: quick drive to the mountains if you are into hunting, fishing, hiking, or skiing.

Need your help in deciding to move to Cheyenne

I don’t live in Cheyenne but Wyoming is beautiful and Cheyenne is a great place to land because it’s one the the towns here that has the most people. Weather is the biggest con in the winter because every way in and out of the state can be shut down in minutes. Another con is the lack of people. I’m not sure where you’re from- but that can be a culture shock. The pros are endless though! There’s tons to do all around Wyoming, the landscapes and recreation are incredible, find some friends and they’ll take you to some great surrounding areas, probably buy you a 12 pack of beer, and take you hunting, hiking, fishing etc.

What is it like to live in Cheyenne, WY?

Cheyenne, despite being the state capitol, is technically too small to be a real city -and that’s the way we like it.

The weather is largely unpredictable -we’ve had snow in July, high eighties in January, school canceled due to blizzard only to have children playing in shorts by noon. However, if you predict wind you’ll probably be right; it blows frequently and sometimes kicks up hard enough to do serious damage even without the odd tornado. The air is dry, and most of the year the plants are, too. We’re also pretty high in elevation, so be careful if you’re flying in or out in the sun.

The general attitude of the town is conservative/western. If you see someone with a gun, they’re probably just carrying it out of habit because the crime rate is generally very low -a police officer once told me we’re a “Safe Zone” where Denver’s gang members make sure the local police don’t have reason to start a Gang Unit. However, that’s not to say the cops are inexperienced. A good percentage of the department is made up of veteran security forces from the military. Because Wyoming has no state income tax and Cheyenne has an Air Force Base and and two Guard units besides (Air and Army) there’s a large Veteran population with a fairly good VA clinic and plenty of VFW’s to go around.

We have a ton of Christian churches and chapels, a synagogue, an Islamic center, and some others. The school district is shit. Yes, profanity is necessary. However, there’s apparently a large and active homeschooling group (large for the size of the town, that is.) Kids sometimes complain that there’s ‘nothing to do’ but Cheyenne is bristling with special interest clubs such as Toastmasters, search dogs, classic car clubs, sports, CAP, music, crafting, writing, farming and ranching, geek culture, and theater, in addition to the money the school district skims from academics and salary to pour into extracurriculars.

Generally, Cheyenne’s not a bad place. I’d love to settle here (I’d like to BE settled here, but no…) It’s not for everyone, and that’s part of its historic charm.

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