Asheville, North Carolina

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Black Mountain/Weaverville/Biltmore Park


Asheville is kind of the anti-Florida for retirees. More people retire here and choose to live in traditional neighborhoods than in more 55+ exclusive communities. Black Mountain, Weaverville, and Biltmore Park are popular choices for those who want to live independently and be a walk from Downtown.

Biltmore Lake is a more structured community among these with some of the subdivisions gated but most open. All are served by the incredible amenities that surround the actual lake including a community clubhouse where activity groups meet to socialize and presumably play a lot of pickleball.

Downtown/West Asheville

Young Professionals/DINKs/SINKs

As with most smaller cities Downtown is the center of action for Young Professionals. It has the highest concentration of bars, breweries, restaurants, theaters, music venues and community events all within walking distance of the apartment and condo living options in the neighborhood. What makes Asheville unique isn't just bars and restaurants though, it's the artisan shops in the Grove Arcade, the local art studios/galleries, the amazing Asheville Pinball Museum and a number of other truly one-of-a-kind spots that make this city standout.

West Asheville also gets a fair share of Young Professionals/DINKs/SINKs looking for a more laid-back neighborhood but still want a walkable social experience. Filled with small shops selling vintage clothing, books, and records as well cool music spots, and Carrier and French Broad River Parks, which are perfect for picnics and hikes.

West Asheville


West Asheville is the groovy/hipster neighborhood in Asheville. Filled with boutique shopping, eclectic restaurants/cafes and a big arts district. It’s also the center of the LGBTQ+ community in the city with owned and supportive businesses throughout.



Montford is a historic district in Asheville filled with beautiful homes that sits alongside downtown. It’s perfect for families who want big homes, yards, and outdoor play but also want to be close to the commercial district for social and cultural experiences. North Asheville is another great option if you want to be out a bit farther from downtown and get more of the amazing outdoor experiences Asheville offers. It also has its own commercial district amidst beautiful old Tudor-style homes.

  • Montford
  • North Asheville
  • South Asheville