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What's it like to live in Virginia Beach?

What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Virginia Beach, VA?

You don’t really think about it, but living in VaBeach is almost like living on an island - if you need to leave the area, at some point you will have to go over or under water (bridge/tunnel) so choose where to you live to where you work carefully. Rush hour traffic & weekend/holiday traffic can be absolutely stifling.

I belonged to a group in the DC area and would make trips up there on a regular basis. There were a couple times I simply gave up & came home after about 2 hours of trying to get out of Hampton Roads area - traffic was SO bad, I just turned around and went home.

If you have kids, choose a place to live based on the schools you want them in (pretty true in any area). Public transportation sucks. VaBeach taxes you on everything you own… boats, cars, motorcycles “personal property tax”. Military can get a break on that tax if you submit proper paperwork.

I know that all sounds like a lot of downsides, but be assured that there are many good things about the area, which is why so many people like to live here. If you happen to be military (active duty or retired) you access to military benefits are bountiful, including the largest commissary in the country (Oceana) and a HUGE exchange at Naval Station Norfolk - plus many different commissaries/exchanges, etc to choose from.

There is LOTS to see & do right here in VaBeach and the surrounding areas. Within 30 minutes you can be out in the country while living just minutes from the ocean front. There are lots of things to do out in the community - live music festivals, wine festivals, art festivals, military airshows, etc. Virginia Beach Town Center has lots of community activities going on - all good for families.

In about four hours (give or take a few hours with the traffic… LOL) you can visit all the sites of our nations capitol, DC.

VaBeach has just about every type of restaurant you could ever hope to try. Norfolk just opened a new premier outlet shopping center that is right on the VaBeach border.

One caution - if looking to rent or buy…. BE SURE to check into the history of flood issues in that neighborhood. Flooding is a very real problem for many areas in VaBeach. Personally, I would talk to people who live on/near the street you’re interested in and ask about any flood problems they have had. You don’t even have to be on or near water to have these problems, and they can be devastating. Do your homework! BTW - we have lived here since 2000.


What advice would you give to someone who is moving to Virginia Beach, VA?

This is an older question, but as a VB native, I feel as though I have some quality insight for this question. Virginia Beach is an amazing place. It’s one of a kind, actually. It’s a diverse city and we like it that way. The schools are impressive and great quality. It’s, generally, a safe city. I lived there for 19 years, before moving to Norfolk, VA.

There are some hidden treasures. Go check out local beaches, like Croatan and Seashore State Park. Go to Pungo for the farms and events like the Strawberry Festival. Explore! Have fun! But whatever you do, keep in mind that us, locals, care about our city and take care of it. All we ask is that you do the same!

Thinking about moving to VA Beach from the Midwest!

I took a different route joining the Navy to leave the Midwest and ended up here after a few other places. I like it. You'll like it if you don't like the Midwest. I love the weather but I like it hot. It barely ever snows but does get cold for a bit.

There's pretty much anything you want to do between VA Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake. Multiple beaches, shops, nightlife, concert venues, a decent size airport, community events and more. There's an Amtrak station in Norfolk that is a cheap way to get to Richmond, DC, Philly, NYC and Boston. Just find what you enjoy. People will always find something to complain about but thats life.

Thinking about moving to VA Beach from the Midwest!

So I have lived here for almost three years after living in a mid sized mid-western city for most of my life. A lot of people hate on Hampton Roads but it is a great place imo. Each neighborhood is hit or miss so you need to do your research on where to live. People are nice, never had a bad interaction with someone.

Winters are very mild compared to the midwest. Only saw snow twice here. First time it melted by the next day. Second time was here for like a week. Wind is a little less than Nebraska's wind but does not blow as much. Summers are humid, some occasional storms but nothing too crazy. You would think it were about to storm almost every day but alas it does not. Spring and falls are super nice.

Like what other people have said, there is a lot to do around here and in and around the state. The amount of food options is exponentially more than back home. The Shack on the oceanfront always has something going on. Monster Truck stuff on the beach, Rodeo's in Hampton. Flights are cheap to wherever, once you get out of the Hampton Roads area roads are more civilized. Roanoke is Virginia's hidden gem.

The worst part of living here is the traffic. No one knows how to drive and there is complete disregard for life on the interstates. I have seen at least one accident happen a week while living here, been involved in 2. It is completely normal to see someone speed past you at 90mph in the left lane then veer right across 3-4 lanes of traffic to make the off ramp. Or see someone go 55mph in the middle lane causing everyone else going 65-70mph having the swerve out of the way and almost hitting someone else in the other lane. That is my one big take away about living here. But do not let it discourage you from moving here!

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