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What's it like to live in Tulsa?

What is it like to live in Tulsa, OK?


  • Lower cost of living than other major cities

  • High population density

  • Forest…so there is scenery

  • Less traffic than major cities

  • Conservative culture…if that's ok with you

  • Nice churches

  • Many retirees

  • Excellent art and music scene

  • No harsh winters

  • Family oriented, festivals, The Gathering place parks

  • Underperforming schools

  • Terrible public transportation

  • Bad roads, outdated infrastructure and highways

  • Lack of diversity

  • Low wage job market

  • High poverty and crime rates

  • Friendly people? Eh, it depends on perspective. They are polite. Tulsa borrows charm from southern states but it's not unique to Tulsa only. I find friendlier people in southern states than in Tulsa. Tulsa is Midwestern

  • Minorities…especially unmarried minority women are not socially accepted

  • Extremely religious and judgmental culture

  • Smoking cigarettes and vaping is culture and most public places, including workplaces lack smoke free areas. So, if you're a non-smoker, you're constantly breathing in secondhand smoke

What is it like to live in Tulsa, OK?

Living in Tulsa is fine. IMO quite a lot depends the previous places you've lived.

Tulsa is around the 50th largest city in the US.

Tulsa traffic is nonexistent compared to large cities.

Tulsa race relations are poor imo.

Tulsa is a Bible belt conservative town.

The people in Tulsa and Oklahoma in general are much friendlier and trustworthy than most other areas across the US.

Oklahoma's elementary educational system is an embarrassment and residents should be ashamed that it ranks so low in comparison to other states.

It's sunny almost everyday in Tulsa even during the winter. Summer can be ridiculously hot and humid.

The landscape has low hills with a lot of wooded areas.

Roads are always bad.

People in Tulsa are primarily college sports fans.

Imo the performing arts and public radio are well supported; probably proportionate to cities in the top 25 largest cities.

I think that this fills in some of the blanks from the other responses.

Thinking about moving to Tulsa. Should I?

I moved to Tulsa in the last year and I have to say that I really like Tulsa. It's a smaller city (comparatively); there are many well-established trees that help remind you that you are in the south; everything is so close by and most drives require only 10 mins to get here or there. I'd definitely suggest visiting before committing but I am happy with my decision to move here.

With that said, however, I am not sure how much hasn't been going on over the last year (that would otherwise be happening) because of Covid. I do think that many restaurants and bars have closed permanently. I look forward to checking out festivals and fairs when those start happening again.

Edit: Oh, and the airport! There is a small international airport here as well that is super easy and quick to get in and out of. In other places, going to catch a flight at the airport was such a chore and an all-day affair - but the airport here is quick to get through and to. It's great!

Thinking about moving to Tulsa. Should I?

I moved away for work. I miss it. I'm in a much bigger city now, but it felt like there was more to do in Tulsa. There are three venues that feature household bands/names all within 6 or so blocks. Between those and the bars downtown, you can watch live music just about any time or find other cool places in walking distance. Riverside is always (when it's not 110 degrees or 10) full of people biking, running, playing volleyball, etc. It can be a little status driven, but not nearly as bad as a lot of bigger cities. It has a good balance of big and small as a city. Traffic is not much of a problem, you may see the same cast of characters out, but you'll get world class shows and very cool events (my favorite being Oktoberfest and Tulsa Tough).

I think some people complain that it can be tough to break into friend groups, but I think that applies to a certain extent anywhere.

PROs and CON's of living In Tulsa Oklahoma