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I'm from Minnesota. I like to be barefoot, running through the woods. -Rachel Keller

The Best Thing About St. Paul?

Best of both worlds.

As the more serious, slightly quieter city of the Twin Cities, St. Paul is more affordable, homier and more suburban, while just over the river from the bigger city amenities of Minneapolis. Meanwhile St. Paul has its own culture, great music, fun activities and an arts scene.

In the rising WFH culture, direct proximity to a business district drops in importance and St. Paul gets on more equal footing to Minneapolis.

Here's the pov of St. Paul from a Chicago transplant:
I'm from the Chicagoland area, do you see all the green and trees between us and the city behind us, that doesn't exist in Chicago. We live in a very suburban flavored neighborhood, I don't feel claustrophobic despite how close I am to downtown. There are nature preserves in and around both of the twins, it is absolutely beautiful. And while the locals aren't perfect drivers (tailgating and merging issues) they aren't batshit crazy like Chicagoans, I refuse to even consider driving in Chicago but can drive through St. Paul during rush hour and the locals let me make my lane changes in bumper to bumper traffic so I can make my exits/turns, so Minnesota nice!

But the best part of living in St. Paul is that it is in Minnesota. Minnesotans are proud of Minnesota like most people are proud of their state but they honestly have so much to be proud of.

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The Worst Thing About St. Paul?

Snow and more snow.

The climate might be changing, but snowy winters are a constant in St. Paul -- winter will be cold and it will snow. A lot. But the city knows its stuff, so streets get cleaned up fast and the snow is not that disruptive. Renters will want to make sure that the responsibility of snow shoveling is understood because those that do not clear their sidewalks can be fined.

**Here's a local with some counsel on living with the winter: **
Going into winter now, the biggest thing you're also going to want to look for in housing is whether or not your landlord/HOA is going shovel snow for you or if you're going to be shoveling your sidewalk/entryway/driveway yourself. This year is supposed to be a "warm" winter, which means largely temps between 15-30 F for extended periods of time, which usually means LOTS of snow.

Make sure your car can handle snow and when you get here go get a nice winter coat. For me, my main winter coat costs more than any other single piece of clothing I own, including shoes. A close second are my winter boots. You're going to be living in your coat whenever you're outside from Nov-Apr, so don't be afraid to shop around and spend $$ on it.

Lifestyle Of St Paul

Life is good

St. Paul is a great city, with plenty to do, good schools and a decent cost of living. It’s also comfortable, with nice, easygoing people who are fairly hardy -- not shocking, given the tough winters. It has a growing downtown for socializing but it isn't trying to compete with Minneapolis on that account. If you are in the market for a city with serious commercial heat, look across the river (The Mississippi River largely divides the Twin Cities). St Paul is a great, comfortable place for adults/families looking to stay in at night and/or go to cozy neighborhood spots. If you need something more dramatic downtown Minneapolis is a short train, bus or ride away.

If you want to see what's happening in St. Paul check out the calendar of events:

Worklife Of St Paul

The great majority of St Paul citizens work in the city, the highest percentage working in the Service sector. Trade, manufacturing and government, make up the other significant employer groups. The greater Twin Cities area has a big tech sector and major Fortune 500 players like Target, UnitedHealthcare and Cargill offering significant professional employment.

The economy in the area is very strong and relative to other major metros the commute times are negligible with 30 minutes or so considered significant. Living in St Paul in less expensive housing and commuting to Minneapolis by train or car will feel like a walk in the park for people from NY, Chicago, Atlanta or LA.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Something for Everyone

St. Paul is always a good place to live, particularly for families. Young people will enjoy the revitalized downtown, with its hip and happening restaurants and bars, while parents will love the excellent school system.

Neighborhoods in St. Paul

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Summit Hill

Young Professionals

Summit Hill is a good place for young profs to start their search. Filled with beautiful old homes that in most cases are available for rent, plus condo/apt options it is easy to find something affordable here. Just as important you are in the center of the social action in St Paul – bars, restaurants, and cafes, all walkable from home. Downtown and in particular the Lowertown Historic District is another cool option. The area is filled with converted warehouses that offer housing, creative work options, and plenty of cool coffee shops, breweries and eclectic food options.

  • Summit Hill
  • Downtown/Lowertown Historic District



St Paul does not have the concentration of LGBTQ+ community that its sister city of Minneapolis has but there are a number of bars, clubs and support organizations in the city proper for the community that lives here. There isn’t a specific neighborhood identified as uniquely LGBTQ+ but the Lowertown and Summer Hill neighborhoods have the nightspots and great housing choices popular for the community.

  • Lowertown
  • Summit Hill



Premium neighborhoods for families include Macalester-Groveland and St. Anthony Park. If you crave a mix of suburban & urban check out Summit Hill. It’s downtown, has nice homes but also bars, restaurants, coffee shops and plenty of Zoomers (I think that’s what we’re calling them now) and Millennials if you like the extra energy.

  • Macalester-Groveland
  • St. Anthony Park
  • Summit Hill