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Summit Hill

Young Professionals

Summit Hill is a good place for young profs to start their search. Filled with beautiful old homes that in most cases are available for rent, plus condo/apt options it is easy to find something affordable here. Just as important you are in the center of the social action in St Paul – bars, restaurants, and cafes, all walkable from home. Downtown and in particular the Lowertown Historic District is another cool option. The area is filled with converted warehouses that offer housing, creative work options, and plenty of cool coffee shops, breweries and eclectic food options.

  • Summit Hill
  • Downtown/Lowertown Historic District



St Paul does not have the concentration of LGBTQ+ community that its sister city of Minneapolis has but there are a number of bars, clubs and support organizations in the city proper for the community that lives here. There isn’t a specific neighborhood identified as uniquely LGBTQ+ but the Lowertown and Summer Hill neighborhoods have the nightspots and great housing choices popular for the community.

  • Lowertown
  • Summit Hill



Premium neighborhoods for families include Macalester-Groveland and St. Anthony Park. If you crave a mix of suburban & urban check out Summit Hill. It’s downtown, has nice homes but also bars, restaurants, coffee shops and plenty of Zoomers (I think that’s what we’re calling them now) and Millennials if you like the extra energy.

  • Macalester-Groveland
  • St. Anthony Park
  • Summit Hill