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What's it like to live in Springfield?

Moving to Springfield MA

Springfield doesn't have a great reputation, but there are some nice parts of it -- like Sixteen Acres, much of East Forest Park, and Cozy Corner. Schools are pretty bad, though, so if you have school-aged kids, maybe look elsewhere.

By EE I assume you mean Electrical Engineer? I have no idea about particular places you could work, but assuming you have to commute in, you could live in Springfield and reasonably commute as far as Northampton to the north and Hartford to the south. I know people that have commuted to Worcester and Boston, and it is technically doable, but I think they are way to far to be sane ideas.

You could try posting in r/springfield too, or the more regional subs like r/PioneerValley and r/413 (413 is the local telephone area code).

Why to (or not to) move to the Springfield, MA area?

Western Mass has lots of good qualities. Groups move over time, older areas decline and newer areas develop here as they do everywhere. People generally move away from declining areas and toward growing areas but, because New England town lines are fixed and there is no unincorporated land, municipalities with declining areas have no way to incorporate the growing areas into their boundaries. As a result, a city like Springfield, which had some of the best schools and neighborhoods in the region 60, 70 years ago, now has rough neighborhoods, higher crime rates, schools with big challenges, and no way to annex newer areas to offset the problems. If you want a city neighborhood with corner stores, nice parks and big older houses on small lots, Springfield has lots to offer but be aware of the city's challenges. The suburban towns around Springfield have more highly regarded school systems because that's where most of the people with choices have moved but there you have a more whitebread and much more automobile-dependent environment. West Spfld, Agawam, Ludlow, Wilbraham, East Longmeadow and Longmeadow form a ring of variably nice to very nice towns around Springfield. The same pattern is true of the other citified community in W Mass, Holyoke. Chicopee hasn't changed as much but was nowhere near as significant or attractive as Springfield and Holyoke in their heydays. Farther north you find Northampton, Amherst, and many smaller towns. That's an almost entirely different dynamic there-- the state university and prestigious private colleges give it a college town flavor; there's a lot of rural land, small farms and people working in crafts and forest products.

Why to (or not to) move to the Springfield, MA area?

Springfield is one of the best places in the country to live.

It is as historic as it gets. It has all the benefits of living in MA, without the costs associated with Boston. You have all 4 seasons, access to good schools(though not in Springfield proper for the most part), quick access to the ocean, Boston, NY, skiing, and all sorts of other activities. The state itself is among the most progressive, and provides many benefits for it's citizens.

Shy of being a Trump supporter, I can't think of many reasons NOT to live here.

What is it like to live in Springfield Massachusetts?

It's not bad, I've live here for about 13+ years and there isn't place I'd rather call home, I grew up here, went to school here and made so many memories here. There's always something to do, there are clubs that are open until 2am, there's a hookah lounge with great customer service, there's the museum which is a pretty nice place to checkout, there's also Dr. Suess’ home which is next door to the museum, here's also the new upcoming and currently under construction casino, there's the basketball hall of fame which brings many athletes and attracts celebrities and outsiders out here.

Also we have amazing restaurants with great food, places that are more locally known such as the chicken spots on main st and state st. Which provides amazing and delicious meals. There are many pizza restaurants with their own unique pizza and all are very delicious of course….

Springfield has many scenery places to checkout but you would have to know someone who knows their way around around Springfield, I know many places to checkout.

So in conclusion it's not bad living out here, there are more things to do and see that I might've forgot to mention but Springfield is a beautiful place and a small city that is slowly progressing and bettering it's self…

So much more in Springfield

Pros and Cons of moving to Springfield, MA (where going to the hospital is like a vacation)