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What's it like to live in San Carlos?

Moving to San Carlos. Any tips?

San Carlos basically has two "parts": the flats and the hills. If you live up in the hills, you'll need a car. If you find a spot on Walnut/Elm/Laurel/Cherry/San Carlos Ave, you can get by without a car. You can also live on the "East side" of San Carlos (East side of the train tracks) but most of the homes over there are homes, not apartments.

The train station is very accessible and it'll take you up to the City. Drops you off right by Oracle Park (growing up in San Carlos, we took the train to the ballgame all the time). Are you working in San Carlos? Or along the Caltrain line?

San Carlos is a very safe town with great weather, restaurants, schools etc. It's very walkable/runnable, plus there's places to hike like up at Pulgas Ridge (you'd need a car to get there). But for how cute and lovely San Carlos is, it can be very boring. Take it from someone that has been in and around SC for 30 years (born and raised there, still have family there). If you're looking for a poppin' place to live, you probably won't get that in San Carlos. But it's nice, and in the Peninsula of the Bay Area which, imo, is probably one of the most desirable places to live in the country since it's so geographically blessed.

Must-sees? Basically nothing in San Carlos haha :) But plenty of stuff in the Bay is worth seeing! I'm writing you a novel but feel free to ask more specific questions.

Is RWC considered not as nice as San Carlos?

Redwood City is much, much larger, and has a wider variety of neighborhoods and amenities. The downtown area is denser and bigger in particular. There are “good” and “bad” areas, though there aren’t any truly bad areas.

San Carlos is smaller, and definitely less dense. It has a “downtown” that’s more reminiscent of small-town downtowns, and it also has a fairly light-industrial stretch between 101 and El Camino (which also has a smattering of residential and commercial). The residential in SC is definitely more oriented towards single-family housing. But…if you live in San Carlos, you’ll probably be headed to RWC (or other places) regularly.

What is San Carlos like as a town?

I moved to San Carlos in December 2010 with my wife after we kept getting out-bid on houses in San Francisco. San Carlos is a lot quieter than SF (obviously), not as wealthy or pretentious as Palo Alto/Menlo Park/Atherton IMO, and not as sprawling or dense as San Jose, Redwood City or San Mateo. The vast majority of businesses are independent and locally owned, it's very family centric, and there are a ton of nice parks and hiking trails. There is easy access to the 280 and 101, there is a Caltrain stop downtown, and Laurel St offers a number of great restaurants, coffee shops, and even two or three pubs. The real estate market has gotten a lot crazier over the last 2.5 years. There's a terrific farmer's market on Thursday nights May --> September, and Concerts in the Park at Burton Park on Friday nights throughout July and August. Burton Park is going to be renovated soon too, so they'll be bocce ball courts coming soon. Lastly, Devils Canyon Brewery recently located from Belmont to San Carlos, and they have 'Beer Friday' on the last Friday of every month. You can buy pints, listen to live music, and buy food from food trucks. It's well worth checking out.

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