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I think maybe L.A. or San Francisco could be rushed, but Sacramento is just laid back! -Nick Johnson

The Best Thing About Sacramento?

California for Midwest prices

SacTown, the geographical midpoint between the Bay Area and the beauty and ski slopes of Lake Tahoe, also has its own bounty of lakes and rivers in and around the city for those looking for the lazy beach days the state is known for. The capital of the Golden State provides residents with many classic California amenities for an average total cost of living that hovers right around the national average. This gives newcomers, used to being priced into cramped apartment lifestyles in other California cities, a fresh start and roomier living.

Here's a local on what living in Sacramento is like:
For me, it's the "balance" of it that is so appealing. You get all 4 seasons (Living in LA is maddening because it's sunny almost year round, and never get a break so to speak), it's close to the ocean AND the mountains, but you don't have to live in either location, tons to do outdoors, relatively chill and quiet. The only things missing are dining, and legit big entertainment. I always speak fondly of sacramento when telling others of it, to the point that they get excited at the idea of visiting. But I tell them very honestly that it is an extremely boring place to VISIT, unless you are going for very specific reasons and know what to do.

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The Worst Thing About Sacramento?

Only You Can Prevent (Living Near) Wildfires.

Sacramento has been hit as hard if not harder than the other major west coast cities in the summer months in recent years. With increasing droughts, frequent summer days in the triple digits, and proximity to California wildfires, those moving to Sacramento for the warm weather might be flying too close to the sun, literally and figuratively. Bad air quality can make some Sacramento summers difficult to enjoy for those with expectations of a consistently idyllic California.

Here's the pov from one local on the issue:
Lived in Sacramento for 35 years. We absolutely love California, but semi-jokingly say that wildfire season is the only reason we’d leave. Last year we travelled during that season and the smoke was pretty bad in WA, OR, and NV too. Hell, last year there was bad smoke in Chicago and Minneapolis due to the Canadian fires.

Lifestyle Of Sacramento

One of the most diverse cities in the nation, Sacramento is filled with celebrations of culture. Known for its Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo, Carnaval celebrations and more. Have kids? Check out some of Sacramento’s wide variety of museums or cheer your lungs off at a Sacramento Kings game. Sacramento is also known for its theater and opera scenes, and you’ll never be far from a critically acclaimed cup of coffee. That ‘suburb’ vibe definitely perforates throughout the city, however, so maybe check out some of the other California cities if you’re hunting for a city with a vibrant nightlife. Hitting the road for a weekend adventure to the slopes of Lake Tahoe, the shores of the Pacific Coast, or the big cities by the Bay are also massive draws.

If you want to see what's happening in Sacramento check out the calendar of events:

Workstyle Of Sacramento

Being the capital of the most populous state in the country has its perks. Politics is one of SacTown’s biggest draws, headlined by the State of California being a huge employer. Sacramento is an ideal destination for the politically minded who want to get away from massive metropolises. Health jobs are also big in Cali’s capital. Sutter Health is headquartered in Sacramento, along with Kaiser Permanente are the two biggest private employers in town.

Why You Should Move Here Now?

The Suburban Draw

Sacramento offers some amazing perks including: tree lined streets a great local food scene and as previously noted affordable and spacious houses. This made it a prime target for pandemic movers. Those with the option to work remotely are trading up from big city apartments for Sacramento’s homes, mostly from other cities in the Golden State.

Neighborhoods in Sacramento

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The Area

Sacramento is northeast of San Francisco and the city center is centrally located between the coast and Nevada. The city itself is pretty flat, but still very gorgeous. Given the title “Tree City USA,” Sacramento is an urban forest and the city has more trees per capita than anywhere else in the world. Just outside the city you have Folsom Lake state Recreation Area and Mendocino National Forest.

The city also sits at the confluence of the Sacramento and American River. The Yolo Bypass, sitting just west of the city, interrupts the urban sprawl, serving as a large flood control basin. If you look at a map, you’ll see that Sacramento only goes out about 4 miles west of downtown, but as far as 30 miles in other directions. And unlike other major cities, there is no highway bypass around Sacramento. Instead the roads come from all directions and converge in the center of the city. Just west of the Sacramento River is a city called West Sacramento. Despite being right across the river and almost sharing a name, this city is not part of Sacramento, nor is it in Sacramento County. WestSac is a part of Yolo County and a completely different city.


Young Professionals

Downtown and Midtown are definitely the place to be for young professionals in Sacramento. Although you can’t go wrong with either, the more popular choice is Midtown. It’s definitely walkable and bikeable, it has the most restaurants and bars in the area, and it has great apartments, even if they are a little more expensive than neighboring areas. The best part about Midtown is that in a city like Sacramento that can feel really spread out and less dense than other major cities, Midtown feels contained. You can get anywhere within a 20 minute walk, which makes weekend plans so much easier!

  • Midtown
  • Downtown
  • East Sac

Lavendar Heights


Lavender Heights is the city's LGBTQ+ neighborhood. Home to restaurants, boutiques, art galleries and 1/2 dozen LGBTQ+ clubs fill the area with commercial draws. Plenty of cool housing options: homes, condos and apartments pull in a growing population.

  • Lavender Heights

East Sacramento

Young Families

Anyone wanting to settle down and start a family is going to love East Sacramento. Located just east of Downtown, you still get a neighborhood feel without giving up the nightlife that Midtown offers. It’s also close to both the UC Davis Medical Center and several highways, making commuting to work a breeze. The houses in East Sac lean towards the expensive side, but when you see the tree-lined, shady streets with gorgeous homes you won’t mind a bit. The style of homes does vary to where you can find a brick bungalow or adorable cottage-style homes on the same block.

  • East Sac
  • Elmhurst
  • North Natomas/Natomas


Established Families

Although suburbs like Folsom and Elk Grove are very popular with families, there are also neighborhoods inside city limits that have great schools, great homes, and are distinctly not the burbs. If you are in the market for a home in Sac for you and your family, we suggest starting your search in the Pocket. Yes, it’s a weird name, but it’s deserved as it’s nestled between the Sacramento River and the West Side Freeway. Situated south of Land Park and Downtown, it’s close enough to the city center without being right on top of it. On top of above average schools, there are also great parks and the very popular Device Brewing Co.

  • Pocket
  • Natomas
  • Tahoe/Oak Park