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What's it like to live in Sacramento?

Why do you like living in Sacramento?

As someone who grew up in the Sacramento Area then moved away in their late 20's. Everything that 99.999% of people can afford Sacramento has. There is real diversity, not just liberal Hispanic accountants and liberal white accountants. Bicycling is so easy. If you don't like traffic, you could structure your life so that you live, work, and shop all within one area like Fair Oaks. But if you are in Fair Oaks and need something from Rancho Cordova, there isn't a mountain separating the areas. With the internet you can find the community you want to associate with. With so many cities there are multiple options for almost every activity, you want to play volleyball ball on Tuesdays than go to Citrus Heights, on Wednesday than go to Elk Grove. My family. Y'all should be going to Tahoe/Crystal Basin for day trips. Lodi has really good wine tasting. The ethnic areas and their restaurants. Nearly 50% understanding that the left lane is for passing. The river. Swabbies. Libraries, so many libraries and some lend tools. 5 junior colleges plus multiple satellite locations. It doesn't snow.

Sounds like you're in a rut. Go get uncomfortable. New York could suck for a native who only goes to the same three restaurants, hates their boss, doesn't meet new people in new ways, and lives in a residential area they chose based on acceptability and price.

Why do you like living in Sacramento?

For me, it's the "balance" of it that is so appealing. You get all 4 seasons (Living in LA is maddening because it's sunny almost year round, and never get a break so to speak), it's close to the ocean AND the mountains, but you don't have to live in either location, tons to do outdoors, relatively chill and quiet. The only things missing are dining, and legit big entertainment.

I always speak fondly of sacramento when telling others of it, to the point that they get excited at the idea of visiting. But I tell them very honestly that it is an extremely boring place to VISIT, unless you are going for very specific reasons and know what to do.

Sac is where I can see myself retiring, assuming I don't leave CA altogether.

What is it like to live in Sacramento, CA?

It's not bad, not great. The main appeal of living in Sacramento is you have both Lake Tahoe and San Francisco within an hour and a half drive (barring traffic).

Sactown is also nice because it's not a big city but it's not a small town either. Sometimes it feels like one or the other, but it's really middle of the line.

Summers are scorching hot, all other seasons are pretty nice unless you have allergies in which case Spring is miserable. And even if you don't have allergies you might develop them after living here in the valley for a while.

The state’s capital is also starting to become more of an “it” place to be due to folks being pushed out of the Bay Area. We also have a bit of a renovation going on downtown with a new high tech arena opening soon along with accompanying shops, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.

All in all I'd say Sacramento is a solid place to live and it's only getting better.

What is it like to live in Sacramento, CA?

Sacramento, Capital of California, is a medium-large city (maybe half a million people in Sacramento proper and 2.4 million population in the greater city) in the middle of the state's central valley, which is a major agricultural area for the whole nation.

It is a comfortable, multicultural/multiracial city centered on government, but with a diversity of industry, excellent schools, including Sacramento State University, plus the nearby University of California, Davis.

When I moved here in 1986 it was still a bit provincial, with a modest restaurant scene and a downtown quiet after work hours. Today, Sacramento has a great range of food and entertainment, excellent health care, a lot of parks, a growing city center and a cultural richness that belies its more rural location.

It is often called The City of Trees for its large urban forest. It is also known for its proximity to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the Coast and Bay Area, each about two hours away.

Life here is more laid back than in metropolises like LA or San Francisco, but with most of the same amenities. I like the slower pace of life here a lot.