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Arizona – I’ve only spent a few days there, but it’s inspired me the most. It’s so peaceful. -Benjamin Clementine

The Best Thing About Peoria?

The Financial Ratio

The absolute explosion in population across the south central and southwestern states is driven by one most critical characteristic. The housing and cost of living being much lower as compared to wages for Peoria than the cities of the west coast and the northeast. People come here and are able to buy a home. If they remained in San Francisco, or Los Angeles or New York that was/is unfathomable. This makes Peoria, and cities like it, the new center for the American dream.

Here's a local on living in Peoria/area:
Lived in Glendale & Peoria for 10 years. Generally, southern/eastern Glendale/Peoria is much older and areas can be a bit rough. Northern/western areas are very nice. We like the area, schools, neighbors, traffic, shopping, recreation, and house prices. Don't like the fact most restaurants are chains (though not all). If you like night-life, there are few places. Typically Glendale & Peoria are families with kids, and older people.

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The Worst Thing About Peoria?

Cookie Cutter Growth

Suburbs like Peoria handle their growth by constructing homes and apartment buildings at a torrent pace. That means duplicating styles for speed of construction and reduction in costs. The apartment buildings give singles/couples or young families a soft landing and the inexpensive housing is the next step up the ladder. While the designs might not reflect extremely creative design thinking they do make it possible for working class families to own their own homes. Once you're past the starter options Peoria does move into more custom developments so if you can hold out it does get better!

A local gives their pov on the area:
I grew up in Scottsdale suburbs until I went to Flagstaff for college, and then moved to where I am now in 2018. I couldn't drive until I could provide the resources to get one myself in college, so my experience would be biased, but there's definitely more things to do on the east side. It feels more like a city. The west side still feels rural and/or like suburban sprawl than a city. Even up to Glendale, Peoria, and surprise. It's getting better, especially in Glendale, but there's still a lack of hang-out spaces like the malls or entertainment districts like there are on the east side.

Lifestyle of Peoria

Peoria is a highly rated suburban city and so you can expect tons of family activities, parks, pools, good schools, and all the things a growing population of families needs to get through a week. Downtown Peoria is in the midst of an effort at creating a more dense social experience for locals and Old Town is leading the way. While Phoenix remains your destination for big nights out there are more casual restaurants and bars available in town so you don’t always have to hit the road to enjoy yourself here. Perhaps most importantly for baseball fans Peoria is also is home to spring training for the San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners who play at the Sports Complex so expect to hit up some games if you move here.

If you want to see what's happening in Peoria check out the calendar of events:

Why You Should Move Here Now?

Younger City Energy

As was noted cities like Peoria give off a real vibe of the new America. Middle class (and some upper class) families working hard to climb the ladder in a way that can be invigorating if you come from a region of the country that is so expensive no working class family could reasonably expect to afford to live. That means younger families are here in droves and there is something exciting about that in the way the bigger northern and western cities likely felt at earlier stages in their growth. While retirees might bely the idea of a "younger city" it holds true outside the 55+ communities.

Neighborhoods in Peoria

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Westwing Mountain


Peoria is largely built around master planned communities. A couple of the really popular ones include Westwing Mountain, which not surprisingly is built partly up Westwing Mountain. It has amazing trails for hiking and biking and plenty of luxury homes and custom homes up the mountain line. Vistancia is another higher-end master planned community. Divided into four sections it has The Village for more town-like living, Blackstone, which is a golf community, Trilogy which is a 55+ age-restricted area and Northpointe at Vistancia, which is under construction now. The entire neighborhood is filled with parks, walking trails, community centers and your own grocery store, coffee shops and elementary school so when the kids are young you can truly live in the “town” that this neighborhood feels like.

  • Westwing Mountain
  • Vistancia
  • Fletcher Heights

Ventana Lakes


The Phoenix area is a dream come true for many retirees and snowbirds. Low cost of living, mild climate and safe streets make it perfect for a move. Ventana Lakes is one of the popular age-restricted neighborhoods here. It has lakes for those who like to head out on a boat and do some fishing or just enjoy the water. There are great walking paths around the water and neighborhoods and community center with all the amenities for enjoying time with neighbors and friends. Trilogy in the Vistancia planned community is another 55+ development. It feels like you’re living in a resort with a beautiful golf course, and tons of recreation opportunities including health club, pool, spa, and the Taproom for enjoying a cocktail and meal with friends.

  • Ventana Lakes
  • Trilogy at Vistancia