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What's it like to live in Peoria?

Peoria opinions?

Gonna depend a lot on age and lifestyle.

We moved to 99th Ave between Northern and Olive Aves about 4 years ago. Love it.

Small typical subdivision. But very quiet, which we like. We're right behind Park West, so our kids (ages 14, 12, and 9) can walk or ride their bikes and get to the movies or do some shopping.

For my wife and me, we like Park West as well. Some good eating there (BJ's, Flemings, Cabin… altho Cabin gets crazy at night). Easy to go see a movie.

We're not far from Westgate. Depending on who you ask, that's both a blessing and a curse. We like it because again, there are some decent places to eat. It's a fun night out for the family.

We're close enough to the 101 that, even though we're "out there", it's easy to get to wherever we need to be.

We've been very happy with the Peoria schools. My son is a T1 diabetic and has developmental disabilities. They've been wonderful about accommodating his needs.

Hope that helps.

Peoria opinions?

Been in Peoria/Glendale pretty much my whole life, minus a few years when my parents split. Peoria unified School district is great, and I believe they are beginning to implement uniforms. Centennial has an awesome football program. There's a decent amount of entertainment, with West Gate, Parkwest, P83, as well as lake pleasant right up the road and plenty of parks. Idk if your looking to buy, but prices have been steadily rising as well. You have your good and bad neighborhoods, but that's pretty much everywhere. My neighbors in Peoria were very welcoming, and I don't think I'll be selling any time soon. The only thing I can say I dislike is the kids with imports can be annoying sometimes with their loud mufflers. I like it here. If there's any questions you have, I'd be happy to answer them for you, or point you in the direction of someone who can!

Thinking of moving to Phoenix/Peoria area. Have some questions.

Peoria is great, lol Arizona is great.cost of living I believe is lower then Delaware. I just moved here from Chicago 3 years ago I love Arizona. Heat takes about 2 summers to get used to but think of it this way. 120 is uncomfortable 0 degrees hurts. And Arizona women are 💣

Thoughts on the Vistancia area of peoria?

We built a house in Vistancia a little over 18 months ago. We LOVE our neighborhood! For Halloween us and about 10 neighbors put together a little block party and we are planning the same thing for the Superbowl. We take out 2 and 4 year old for a walk daily, and so do many other families. Biggest "crime" so far this year was some packages stolen from front doors. The nearest regesterd sex offender is in a retirement community about 5 miles away.

Out house Summer electric bill was around $400, and the winter around $150, over half was fees and taxes. Now that we are on equalizer billing (you can do that after one year) it's $205 / month. Our Natural Gas bill is around $30 in the summer and $70 in the winter (gas furnace, stove, water heater and dryer). Our water /sewage / trashbill is around $60/month. We also pay $105 a month for fiber internet (no data caps) and average 850Mb down and 625 up.

Now the bad.. The HOA! Out of the 4 community I've lived in, this HOA is by far and away the worst. When there is an issue they are somewhat slow to fix it. The board is very condescending and generally find a way to make whatever the problem is your fault. This is very evident in several threads that are on the "Nextdoor" app. The HOA actually TOWED MY CAR last Friday for it being parked in a "visitor parking space." here's the thing… THE HOA ISSUED ME A PERMIT TO PARK THERE A YEAR AGO!! we have a 2 car garage and no driveway, so the HOA issued me a parking permit for the 3rd car. They told me that the problem was "Accounting didn't tell Enforcement our account was current, but if I had notified them of our account standing this would have never been an issue." OK, two things, 1) I've been in their office, those two people have cubicles that face each other! 2) I also have automatic payments set-up, so we are NEVER delinquent! We've also been fined for "unrepaired storm damage" yeah, a flag got ripped off our house overnight by a thunderstorm. The security patrol came by two hours later and reported it. We've also been fined for the placement of our directv dish and the color of the wire coming off of it, that got overturned because there's nothing in the CC&R's about that. We've also been fined for excessive noise after hours… Yeah, that was when my youngest had Colic. If you buy in the Acacia Grove or Primrose Estate subs, you will have TWO HOA's as those two subs have their own "mini HOA" that covers the two private community pools (one isn't open yet due to not passing a building inspection) landscaping and a semi-private playground, plus the Vistancia Village HOA that covers the 2 mile nature trail, the 2 community pools at the community center, the playground at the community center and monthly activities at the community center.

Also, something else that is going on is that all the northern subdivisions in Vistancia are fighting with APS (the local Electric Company), the City of Peoria and the Arizona Corporation Commission (who oversee public utility's) over the placement of new electrical transmission lines. APS wants to build towers, the residents want the lines to be underground so the views are not ruined. There is also a number of construction projects that are kicking off that will connect Vistancia to the Peoria municipal water system (currently Vistancia uses city run ground water wells) Last thing, Vistancia is very close to an Auxiliary Air Field for Luke Air Force Base, so F-35's flying around at all hours is somewhat common

Overall, I would recommend the area, just do your best to stay under the HOA radar

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