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What's it like to live in Pembroke Pines?

What are the good and bad neighborhoods of Pembroke Pines, FL

Pembroke Pines is a great place to live and where you reside will be determined based on how much you can afford. If you are east of I75 beyond University drive you start to get into neighborhoods that are not apart of a subdivision and therefore are not monitored and less secure; however, there are still pockets of these neighborhoods that are great. If you are east of I75 but west of Douglas you start to be in a more middle income community, some gated some not but with a greater sense of security. If you are west of I75 you start to be in an upper middle income area and will most likely have properties that are gated or have security accessed/patrol where things are monitored much more closely and is more secured. Hope this is helpful

What is it like to live in Pembroke Pines, FL?

This question is very old, but it still doesn't have an answer. I lived in Pines for nearly a decade! So here's my take..

It's actually not bad. It's still a growing community and the town is always adding, removing or remodeling things. It gives off this refreshing feeling. The people are somewhat nice, but for the most part everyone just minds their own business. Many big and small businesses alike in the area so if you need a job, I'm sure there won't be any problem finding one.

There are things to do at night, like the Hardrock in Hollywood isn't so far. There are many bars and restaurants that are also open late on a daily basis. I worked at a bar that was open until 4 in the morning every day. Driving from my home to work took only one minute. There was also another bar that stayed open until 2 the opposite direction and took 30 seconds driving.

The schools aren't so bad. I attended Pasadena Elementary, Pines Middle and ultimately Flanagan high school. Many people went this route and I knew many people in high school that I knew from elementary. There were plenty of assholes in school but that's everywhere. Pines isn't a single class town, so you will find very poor people and some very wealthy people.

The beach is also 20 minutes away. Hollywood beach is a beautiful beach with a large number of retired Canadians, but they don't bother anyone. (unless you mind seeing them in beach wear)

The only concern about Pines is that it is in South FL, and I feel that there is a growing number of morons in that area. People who are more likely to commit crime, because they literally don't have anything else to do. You will sometimes see people who look like they are up to no good. On the street I used to live on, I once saw a young man walking on the side of the road, not even the sidewalk, with no shoes and no shirt, rapping to himself. Not saying that there's anything wrong with this, I'm just saying it doesn't make the area look too nice. I mean he could have at least had a shirt and shoes on if he's going to put himself in harms way.

Like I said, it's a very diverse area and you shouldn't have any problems finding work or friends. Just keep to yourself, and don't mind the rest.

I moved to the Orlando area recently, but if I was a newcomer to Pines, I would enjoy staying there. I've just been there too long and needed something new.

What is your favorite neighborhood in Pembroke Pines, Florida

Gary, most all of Pembroke Pines is pleasant. Been here nearly 30 years and watched this community grow and prosper. The western end of the city is the newer part of town, but there are nice homes and condos all over.

If you’re moving here, may I suggest that you drive around the communities and see what speaks to you. We have gated and non-gated communities, large homes and cozy townhouses, and many lots that are on lakes. We even have a pair of bald eagles that nest in the same tree every years for some time now, and no one bothers them.

Great shopping and entertainment venues are nearly, both in the city itself and nearby. Where you like the national brands or neighborhood bistros, we have tons of wonderful restaurants, featuring all types of custines.

Both Miami International and Hollywood-Ft Lauderdale International Airports are about 30 minutes away, as well as the two largest cruse ports in the world (PortMiami and Port Everglades) are but a short drive way, as are the Florida Everglades, and the Florida Keys. Walt Disney World, Universal-Orlando, and the Kennedy SpacePort are but a few hours away.

The city government is good, as is our fire/rescue and police departments. The PPFD is an ISO Class One department, with a response time of under three minutes and a great bunch of firefighters. The Class One designation means you will save money in your homeowners insurance. The police have excellent working relationships with the neighboring cities so like fire/rescue their response time is minutes. They are very-well trained and most live in the city as well.

We have excellent, well-maintained parks and many city-run activities all years ‘round. Most importantly, we have the number one charter school system in the country, that is constantly rated “A” by the U.S. Dept of Education, as well as numerous private schools.

Short answer, you’ll like it here, and so will your family.

What are your thoughts on Pembroke Pines? Moving / Relocating Question

I bought a house in Pines back in 2019, moved here from Brickell (day and night change). Biggest change was the obvious city life. Brickell has everything downstairs, vs here you have to drive a few minutes; but I like the neighborhood suburbia feel. Personally if you are looking to settle down- Pines is great because of all the other Pros mentioned here. Also you are north of Miami vs. being South of Miami, and better centralized imo.

But if you are young and still on the go, I would look elsewhere.

Living In Pembroke Pines, Florida Pros and Cons