Oxford, Mississippi

The Velvet Ditch

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University District


The University neighborhood is where most students live, both for proximity to school and its easy access to the city center, and the greatest concentration of bars, restaurants and cafes in the area. Faculty also live here as well as locals who appreciate/survive the energy of the area when school is in session.

Putting up with the students means you get the shortest distance to the beautiful campus and near year-round sports and cultural events the school offers students and locals alike.

There are also a number of parks and green spaces in the neighborhood, giving locals a chance to run, play and relax when not engaging in the Ole Miss revelry. Housing in these kinds of neighborhoods is getting pricey as non-residents buy up the beautiful homes and rent them out to students and faculty at a premium to historical rent or mortgage rates.

The Square

Young Professionals/Retirees

The Square is at the heart of Oxford and is where the city congregates when it's not at an Ole Miss game. It's just a few blocks from the University so you get the cultural and commercial experiences of downtown plus a short walk to the energy and activities of the school.

The majority of city events; concerts, festivals and farmer's markets are here along with plenty of the best restaurants, bars, cafes and entertainment spots so if you're a young professional then this is your spot. There are wonderful converted and new condo/apartment developments for rent or purchase and pricing is notably inexpensive for a college town.

Retirees also congregate here due to the nonstop things to do, the reasonable prices, easy access to healthcare and the simplicity of living in an area that is in the center of the city's action.

Country Club


Country Club is a beautiful neighborhood on the east side of the city. While it was originally a private golf course community it is now an open group of subdivisions and the original course is the wonderful Pat Lamar Park. Lamar Park is an outdoor arboretum and is known for lovely walking/running trails, gardens and a quiet lake that locals use for picnics, group events and general kiddo play.

The homes and the lots in the area are large, with massive trees for shade and private pools to beat the summer heat. It's also near the Oxford Country Club so if you crave golf, tennis, swimming and excellent dining for you and the whole family then you're going to like it here.

The Lakes


If you're craving a more outdoor lifestyle for your family then check out The Lakes. It runs along the east side of the city and is known for beautiful lakes, of course, but also for parks, playgrounds, walking trails, outdoor sport courts and fields, and the overall sense that you're experiencing the best the countryside has to offer here.

There are large luxurious properties in The Lakes but also more modest ranch-style, making the neighborhood more diverse in home prices for different families. The nice part about Oxford is you can live in a place as green as The Lakes but still just be a few minutes from the action of downtown.