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What's it like to live in Ontario, CA?

Moving to Ontario, California Area

You can very likely find a modest tract house for rent in your price range in the Creekside area of Ontario. Creekside is a suburban development off Haven Ave and the 60 fwy. The houses are about 26 years old, the area is safe and the schools are good. You would have a front and back yard, and garage. There are community park areas and pools, and some private security patrols. The police station is about a mile away, as is a supermarket and shopping center. It is also near 4 major freeways, the 10, 60, 15, and 91.

Moving to Ontario, California Area

If you are considering Ontario either move to the North Eastern most portion or the newer home developments in the South. There are several http://ontarioranch.com/ The new developments are going to feature gigabit municipal broadband if that interests you. Unfortunately, being new development your looking at 200-500K and when they say from the 200's they mean 299K. Rancho, Upland, and Claremont will all be upwards of 350K and into the millions with commiserate rents. If you travelling will take you mostly east of Ontario then your in luck because prices will for the most part decrease as you move to cities east of the Pomona/West Valley with a few exceptions.

Rule of thumb.. The further west of Ontario you travel prices will increase even if the neighborhoods are particularly great, since most people's commutes takes them west towards LA.

What are the best aspects of living in Ontario, California as a young adult?

If you are curious enough to ask this question as a young person then I would say that looking deeper past all of the cookie cutter homes and infill building of the past 20 or so years and realize that you are surrounded by a very uniquely historic area.

Whether you were born there or are a transplant, Ontario is a very good starting point to begin exploring greater southern California.

Being that Ontario abuts eastern low angeles county and is pretty much the western seat of the inland empire it is awesome to know that you are sitting in what could be the dynamic hub of the region.

As a young person, you have the opportunity to soak this in and build your future based on knowing that you are conveniently links to not only the region at large but also the inlet of activity for the area.

I was raised in the area and saw it grow very rapidly throughout my young life.

When I was young in the 80s, the city still had a very 50s and 60s vibe to it, and throughout the late 80s there was a big growth spurt that began with the airport expansion and convention center. Even though these projects seemed to be a bit more withheld than I believed they could be (likely due to strong political competition of being own by LAX and the proximity of Anahiem Convention Center near Disneyland)

At one time, Ontario was considered for a possible high speed rail hub that would link LA, Las Vegas AND Ontario. It would have been cool and i think the city could have been much bigger if they wanted.

Anyways, as a young person I believe that the city is ripe for new vision.

What are the best aspects of living in Ontario, California as a young adult?

I think the diversity of Ontario is one of its aspects that appeals to me the most. I went through schools that were predominately Mexican Americans. I never really thought about it until I enlisted in the Air Force. I learned a lot about people from different backgrounds while in the Air Force and I really enjoyed that. I was glad my daughter was going to be raised among different ethnic groups. The other thing I like about Ontario is that according to the post office, it is considered a rural area. There are horses, cows, sheep and other animals within walking distance from the house. My wife doesn’t like the smell, but I’ve gotten used to it and it doesn’t bother me as it did at first. I was raised within walking distance of downtown L.A. but we found parks and open spaces that most people wouldn’t think surround Los Angeles, so even though I lived a stone throw from the city, my friends and I spent a lot of time in the outdoors. I imagine some people who grow up in Ontario don’t get in the “country” at all, but it’s there all around and I think that is important.

Living in Ontario California